How To Remove Front Cover Of Window Air Conditioner? 4 Easy Steps!

How to remove front cover of window air conditioner? There are four easy steps for you to understand the process of removing the front cover of your window air conditioner unit. Keep on reading to discover it!

Window air conditioner units usually have two covers that shield the internal parts of your unit. They both have different tasks but the same appearance.

how to remove front cover of window air conditioner

Protecting the front section is the purpose of the front cover. This particular cover is what you typically see and display in your room. However, the exterior cover shields and secures the internal parts of your air conditioning system to the environment outside.

Therefore, removing the front lid is easy. You only need to remove few screws from the front. The method, nevertheless, is still dependent on the style and type of your AC. If you want to know more, keep on reading!


Steps To Remove Front Cover Of Window Air Conditioner

Vocally explaining how to eliminate front covers of window air conditioners is a little bit hard. However, your window air conditioner usually has a helpful instruction manual, especially when setting up the product.

Therefore, we suggest that the first step is to grab and read that instruction manual. And there you will know what you will do. Start doing the steps as you have the instructions and the equipment you can use during the process.

First, you should check and consult the manual to know the placement of the front screws. Usually, the two screws connect the front cover and the air conditioning system.

To answer your question: How to remove front cover of window air conditioner? These are the following process you should remember:


Step #1. Turn of your air conditioner

The first thing you need to do is switch off your air conditioner and disconnect it from the outlet. It is important to remember that running an air conditioning system, especially window-type, is highly risky, leading to electric shock and other accidents. Thus, ensure to turn it off before doing anything.


Step #2. Eliminate the control knob

The next step is to dismantle the control knob of your air conditioner. Again, you need to use your hands and look for the screws around them. Again, make sure that you wear thick and protective gloves to keep your hands from getting injured.


Step #3. Remove the screws

After looking for the screws, remove them from the air conditioner. Next, remove the front screws from the window air conditioner using a Phillips screwdriver. Ensure you don’t remove any metal or sharp items out of the rear of your window air conditioner. And ensure you don’t remove any metal or sharp items out of the rear of your air conditioning system.


Step #4. Remove the front cover

Disconnect the front cover from your air conditioner by lifting it. To take out the cover, detach its top section. There you go! That is how you can remove front cover of window air conditioner. On the other hand, if you think that you can’t execute these steps, we suggest that you ask for help from your friends or a professional


Why Do We Need To Remove The Front Cover Of A Window Air Conditioner

Usually, people often ask how to remove front cover of the window air conditioner to clean it. But, unfortunately, we cannot get rid of experiencing a dirty air conditioner. Thus, we need to maintain it by washing and removing all the particles.

The front cover present in your unit will add the burden and hassle for you to clean. Moreover, you might touch some parts that are not supposedly needed to be clean. Therefore, before you do something inside your air conditioner, removing the front cover is a must.


Cleaning Tools For Your Window Air Conditioner

If the AC is somewhat dirty, you can maintain it using items you already have around the house. However, if you tend to clean the rear of your air conditioner, things may become a little challenging, and you might use specialist cleaning materials.

Washing the coils and blades of this type of air conditioner is best done using a foamy cleanser. For quick operation on the wings, you can utilize a nylon brush.  Keep in mind that several of those things are not designed for this purpose.

When conducting maintenance and repairs, a comb is also another piece of equipment you will need. For example, you may experience broken fins. Thus, with the help of the fin comb set, you can straighten and restore them. Of course, you may get only one item or a bunch of brushes. Regardless, here’s how you clean a window air conditioner.


Why Do We Clean The Window Air Conditioner?

Your air conditioner is like other essential household appliances that deteriorate over time. The filter can clog, the unit itself can become unclean, and the performance level might suffer as a result. Nevertheless, it would help if you did not panic, as this is normal.

All window air conditioners need a little tender loving care to shine and function like its new once more.



To remove the front cover of your air conditioner, you must check the manual. It only takes four easy steps to do. Moreover, removing the front cover of your air conditioner is important before you clean it. So do not forget to be careful and do extra protection upon doing those stuff.

Regardless, you can apply your learnings from this topic to clean a window air conditioner without removing the unit. That is all for the question: how to remove front cover of window air conditioner? We hope that you make use of the steps we provided.


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