How To Shade Your Air Conditioner? 2 Best Methods!

How to shade your air conditioner? Are you wondering why the cost of your bills over a year has drastically gone up higher than it was before? There are many reasons for this to happen. One of those is the location where you place your air conditioning unit.

This factor is crucial especially for central air conditioning system as it tends to consume more energy if it’s exposed under the sun.

how to shade your air conditioner

One of the methods that you could try to do is placing your appliance under the shadows of trees so to keep the unit cool and away from direct sunlight. With that, the unit will be able to effortlessly produce colder air if it’s under a shade because it is also surrounded by cool air. Regardless, you will learn more about it as you read further.


Methods to Shade Your Air Conditioner

Because of various people’s creativeness of making their own in much easier forms, people can now find them all over the internet and base on it. Though they will have a hard time finding one that suits them the most, so to help you with that, we’ve chosen the methods that we think can help someone.

However, we also have chosen method/s that we think can be very efficient while at the same time cheap enough for those who don’t have the budget for their AC units. In that way, we can help everybody overcome these problems and rest with ease after a very long and tiring day of workloads.

Take note that this is for your good, too, as shading can help cut the cost of your electric bills in a year and can help your appliance to be more efficient. Regardless, here are the methods on how to shade your air conditioner:


Method #1. Installing your appliance on the north side of your house

As we all know, the north side of every home is the best and most relaxed position to place something and avoid heat from hitting that specific area. That makes it an excellent position to install your air conditioning unit. Well, you can still let your AC shade in other areas of the house, though this is the best option.

As it stays the coolest all day long, so you don’t have to worry about it getting hit by the sun and reduce its effectiveness. Regardless your unit is on the houses’ north of the house; you’ll need to go extra rather than just put a tiny shade over it to be successfully excellent enough. This is because the air that surrounds the area affects the effectiveness of your air conditioner.


Method #2. Planting trees

Most likely, what you’ll have to do to maximize the effectiveness of your unit is by planting trees around the area where it is placed. It provides shade for your appliance though it will take some time to grow to be implicit. When the air conditioning unit is located on your houses’ south side.

You should choose tall-growing trees and having broad crowns with plenty of leave is located on the west, east, or south side, we wouldn’t require you to put too many trees like the big ones on the south side. Instead, as an alternative to that, go for the lower level growing trees onto the ground as it will not require you to cover up the areas using some trees.

These methods are helpful if you plan to plant around two to three trees surrounding the area where the air conditioning unit is placed. Of course, that is to maximize its efficiency and lower your bills over a year; why? Heat makes your unit use more of its power, leading it to overheat sometimes. And push its limits requiring it to work harder; with that, it will cost you more than a year.


How Much Can You Save When You Shade Your Air Conditioning Unit?

According to our research, shading your appliance can make it work more efficiently with less power needed by ten percent. But, this is not the only benefit that it gives. By around a year, your bills could be cut off by a hundred or more dollars.

If you want to start shading your appliance or windows, we recommend that you begin planting bushes, trees, and plants to have a more relaxed environment. You can find it in this article if you want to check what you can benefit from shading.



That is all for “how to shade your air conditioner?” A cool shade plays a significant role in cutting your yearly cost even when using an air conditioning unit, and with that, we hope you put these to use in the future. Again planting trees is just one of the ways to cover up your conditioner and make your environment cooler.

So with that being said, I hope you’ve gotten a hold of it so that you can apply it for future usage at shading. But if all of this doesn’t work, call for a professional instead to do the job. For more helpful articles to read, check on how to add Freon to a window air conditioner.

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