How Often Do You Have To Drain A Portable Air Conditioner? The Best Guide!

How often do you have to drain a portable air conditioner? Have you noticed your portable air conditioner generating an immense amount of water and wondered how to drain your portable air conditioner? Well, the truth is the regularity of draining the portable air conditioner varies depending on one’s air condition in their house.

Air conditioners are sensitive machines that can be damaged when their owners forget to take good care of them. Thus, air conditioning maintenance is necessary for your air conditioner to perform efficiently.

how often do you have to drain a portable air conditioner

So how will we maintain our air conditioner? Well, you can start by learning a few rules when it comes to draining a portable air conditioner. Today, we will explore the topic further.

At the same time, we will also ponder the reasons why your portable ac is generating a tremendous amount of water and many more! Do not fret because learning all these things is not that complicated. This article will be your guide along the process. So let us start learning how to take care of your portable air conditioner and beat the heat!


Why Should People Drain A Portable Air Conditioner?

Your portable air conditioner has been an essential appliance during the hottest times of the summer season. It has contributed significantly to cooling your place down and making you feel relaxed.

It has taken care of you throughout the heat. Thus, it should only be fair that you should also take care of your air conditioner. Why is that? When an owner fails to take good care of their appliance, it becomes faulty and will not perform efficiently. This situation also applies to a portable air conditioner.

When your neglect your duties of draining their portable air conditioner, several issues are most likely to occur.


Problem #1. Your portable AC will not run

Typically, portable ACs contain a switch that shuts the unit down once the water reaches a certain point in the tank. When this occurs, the air conditioner’s alarm will notify you that you must start the draining process. If you neglect this duty, then your portable ac may not run anymore.


Problem #2. The water on your air conditioner’s tank will overspill

Another issue that may arise when you do not drain your portable AC is overspilling. Supposedly, the switch of your air conditioner cannot turn the AC off; then, the water will continue to fill the tank until it overspills.

This problem may produce another set of issues, including the damage it would cost when water flooded your home.


Problem #3. Your portable air conditioner will be a habitat for molds

Imagine seeing molds taking place in your AC. Now imagine dealing with these molds. It is indeed gross and time-consuming. Thus, to prevent this occurrence, you must empty your air conditioners. When you fail to drain your portable AC, it will create too much moisture and be a place where molds can grow and foster.


Knowing How Many Times You Have To Drain A Portable Air Conditioner

How often do you have to drain a portable air conditioner? Typically, portable air conditioners require draining for eight hours interval. Although, there are some cases where it is okay not to follow this situation.


Situation #1. When you are in an arid area

One situation where you do not have to drain your portable AC every eight hours is when you are in an arid location. Why is this? When the portable air conditioner operates with hot humidity, it cannot get moisture from the air. Thus, the operation will remove the water.


Situation #2. When your portable air conditioner is up to date

Generally, up-to-date mobile air conditioner systems utilize vents to eliminate moisture in your home. When doing this, water from the AC’s tank transfers to AC’s condenser coil, and the water turns into vapor once it interacts with AC’s condenser coil. Thus, no water would fill your tank.

However, suppose you are living in a humid area. In that case, you still have to evaluate your portable air conditioner because there is still a possibility that water will fill your tank.


Reasons Why A Portable Air Conditioner Generates Too Much Water?

Portable air conditioners naturally generate water as they cool your home down. However, certain factors lead portable ACs to form more water than their regular production. Regardless, read on about the reasons why your portable air conditioner is filling up much water.


Reason #1. Internal factor

One reason is your activities inside your house that would increase humidity. For instance, when you cook or take a bath, you contribute to the increase of moisture. Also, when several people are in your house than usual, their breath can contribute to humidity. Thus, you must evaluate what the source is and eliminate it.


Reason #2. External factor

Outside factors can also cause the excess production of water in your portable AC. For instance, the weather. To limit the water your air conditioner generates, you must also restrict the moisture entering your house. Thus, leave no space when shutting your windows, and close your doors.


Wrapping Up!

Air conditioners commonly generate water. Thus, it would be best if you habitually drained your air conditioners. Thus, if you ask yourself, “How often do you have to drain a portable air conditioner?” this is the perfect guide for you. Regardless, there are times that your drain is filled with dirt and dust, which will create a blockage to the drain, so learn how to unclog your air conditioner drain if this happens.

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