How Many Watts Does A 3-Ton Air Conditioner Use? 2 Awesome Types!

You will need to know about tons and watts in running air conditioners, so how many watts does a 3-ton air conditioner use? A 3-ton air conditioner would need about 14 kilowatts or a total of 14000 watts.; since one kilowatt (kW) is equal to 1000 watts. Air conditioners are works with electricity and often it is associated with a lot of measuring units.

One of them is a watt or a kilowatt used to measure the amount of electricity needed to make an appliance work like your air conditioner. There are many more things that you should know about this topic, so just read on!

how many watts does a 3-ton air conditioner use


Number Of Watts Used By A 3 Ton Air Conditioner

How many watts does a 3-ton air conditioner use? When we buy air conditioners, what we know is the ton it has or the weight. But then we have to know other things, such as the watt used to make it work. Every ton has its conversion, and that can be transmuted into BTUs or British Thermal Unit. So it can make conversion better.

We will help you know more about how you should covert each and the proper amount per subunit. A 3-ton air conditioner unit uses a different amount of watts depending on the type of air conditioner you are using. There are three types of this, and we will make sure that each of them will be acknowledged and explained. Here are the three different types of 3-ton air conditioner and their specs and amount of watt consumption.


Type #1. 3-ton central air conditioner

This unit is moving in 36 000 BTUs per hour in terms of heat. It is vast enough to cool a household up to 1 800 square feet. But of course, that happens only to those who are living in the southernmost areas or states.  This type of 3-ton air conditioner uses about 3500 watts per hour to work and give good service.

On the other hand, it is recommended for Midwest and northeast households. These 3-ton units are recommended for 1 600 – 2 100 feet squared.

It is not bad if you want something that can sustain big spaces because it can help you. Knowing that it has the highest watt needed, it can be considered the most significant and fast cooling among the types of the 3-ton air conditioner.


Type #2. 12000 BTU window unit

Some of this is considered just a ton. But there are types of these that can reach 3 tons depending on the materials. Well, this kind of air conditioner is considered to be a mid-sized air conditioner. One you could consider smaller than the first one. Knowing that it has a smaller size and a BTU that is about 12000, it is indeed a little bit off the first one.

You can use this in cooling smaller rooms, especially a single-spaced room inside your homes. Twelve thousand window units are best in whole cooling flats and larger rooms as long as it is a bedroom. You can’t use it in function halls because it cannot sustain the area and its width.

For your information, these 12k units can make 400 sq ft rooms cool considering as low end and about 600 ft sq if it is high end.  These 12k units are using about 1200 watts per hour only. So that is like half of the first type we had. It looks a lot cheaper, but the first option is better for bigger rooms as for smaller spaces, this one would do.


Amount Of Watts On Generators To Sustain This 3-Ton Air Conditioner

We all know that not all the time, there is a power to help us have a comfortable life by providing electricity for our air conditioners.  Portable air conditioners are also famous and well known worldwide for easier access and travel-friendly tool. So, to make it all worth the money, you will need to buy a generator that could carry the BTUs of your air conditioner.

For a 3-ton air conditioner, you will need one generator with at least 6500 watts to provide power on your air conditioner.  It is unnecessary to buy a generator, which is optional because these tools can be costly.  Other than that, you have to maintain it and make sure that it is working from time to time.


How Much Would A 3-Ton Air Conditioner Cost?

Since we are talking about 3-ton air conditioners, you might be thinking of buying one, and we will give you a heads up.  Did you know that it would cost about $3,500 as the most negligible value for installation? That would depend on the brand of your air conditioner. For higher quality 3-ton air conditioners, it could go higher. When we say higher, it will range from $5000 or more. But then that depends on you if you will choose quality or quantity.



How many watts does a 3-ton air conditioner use? This question bothers a lot of people upon shopping. Knowing the watts your appliances use or can help you out in knowing if it is a smart buy or not. The higher the watt, the bigger the charge needed to be paid. Do you want to read more articles related to air conditioner watts? Read how many watts does an air conditioner use per hour!

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