How Often Should You Clean Your Fridge? 3 Best Tips!

If you are trying to ask yourself the question, “How often should you clean your fridge?” then do not go anywhere. Instead, this article will be discussing the answer to your question.

Usually, you can clean fridges anytime for your convenience; however, it is best to make them clean periodically to keep bacteria and molds away. With this, both the fridge and the doors are clean every week and every day. For the surfaces that are hard to reach, you can clean them when convenient: monthly or weekly.

How often should you clean your fridge

I know you are anticipating this article. A perfect home buddy never wants dust and dirt in their appliances, especially fridges. With this, you are now free to scroll and read the article below.


Cleaning My Fridge To Keep Enemies Away!

Now, you have reached the section that will be discussing the question, “How often should you clean your fridge?” As the question suggests, it is better to make your fridge clean to control all bacteria and molds. The drawers of your fridge can be cleaned weekly, together with surfaces and trays inside that you had placed. In my case, every grocery shopping of my family, the fridge is cleaned with disinfectants to remove bacteria from spillages.

Also, by cleaning the interior of the fridge every week, you can avoid odor and stench. Likewise, you need to remove all the expired and rotting food inside the refrigerator every week.

You can also clean your fridge’s doors and handles every week and every day whenever you are free and convenient. These surfaces are the most vulnerable to diseases from outside of the refrigerator. In my home, I clean the handles every day since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

On the other hand, you can polish the dusty parts of your fridge whenever it is convenient for you. The topmost part of the fridge itself is the hiding place for insects and dust that can be dangerous for your home. Surfaces beneath your fridge needed to be cleaned occasionally. As the surface is located below, you might need help getting rid of the dust and dirt. Likewise, your door seals are hiding places for molds and bacteria.

In my case, I clean them once every two months using a cloth in a soapy water mixture. Everything inside and outside of your fridge needs to be cleaned. So, a home buddy like you should do that. A clean fridge means a spotless household and a healthier family!


Tips In Maintaining My Lovely Fridge Squeaky Clean

Now that you know the perfect time to clean your fridge, you might be needing some advice in maintaining it. I have here tips that I recently discovered as a home buddy that can help you!


Tip #1. Organization is key

A clean fridge is organized. For example, you might not be wanting your eggs and milk to be mixing. Likewise, your should separate fruits and vegetable in humidity drawers to keep them from rotting.

It is excellent for a home buddy like you to use organizational boxes to store food inside your fridge. A tray for your eggs, fruits, and drinks is a delightful thing to do for your fridge.


Tip #2. Baking soda’s power

Having baking soda in your home is like having kryptonite. A box of baking soda is perfect for absorbing stenches that can harm the food inside your fridge. Likewise, leaving the baking soda in a box and opened inside the refrigerator will do the job very well.

Baking soda is not only an odor-fighting ingredient but also a cleaning superpower. You can mix baking soda with your cleaning solutions in the fridge to fight all the pesky bacteria and molds that are hiding. In addition, baking soda itself has unique properties that make you an inevitable enemy of bacteria and diseases.


Tip #3. Protect all the surfaces

If your fridge has frequent spills unnoticeable over time, you should go for a spill protector. You can use a simple table or plastic mat and cut them into pieces that are appropriate for the surfaces of our fridge. In my case, I used some recycled paper bags and newspapers to cover my fruits and vegetable. It prevents them from rotting away and keeping them crispy enough for cooking.

Also, you can use some recycled trays from your groceries to organize and protect the surfaces from spills of food inside your fridge. With this, your fridge is now cleaner and pleasing to the eyes of your family.


Cleaning Things Up!

Good job! You already learned, “How often should you clean your fridge?” by reading the article above. The information itself is sufficient for you to learn all the fundamentals of refrigerator cleaning.

Typically, refrigerators need to be cleaned periodically to keep diseases controlled and ensure your family’s safety. You can clean fridge trays, surfaces, and drawers every week or day. Likewise, you must maintain hard-to-reach surfaces like the seals, top and bottom parts of your fridge monthly.

Interested in more information? Then you might want to read about how often should you clean your mattress and why. Regardless, I hope the article above helped you in solving the problem of cleaning fridges. You can share this with anyone whom you want to help with this article.

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