Which Memory Foam Mattress Is The Coolest: Top 5

If you want to know which memory foam mattress is the coolest, try these five brands. Each of the beds in this list is made with cooling materials and temperature regulation technologies to keep you from feeling hot at night. You will also know which of them will suit you best. 

We also recommend that you check what type of memory foam is the best. Again, there are various kinds of this mattress material, and it will benefit you to know what makes each type perfect for the sleeper. 

which memory foam mattress is the coolest


What Is The Coolest Memory Foam Mattress?


Nectar Premier Copper

Nectar is among the best memory foam mattress brands, but did you know they have another memory foam bed that will keep you cool? Of course, we are talking about the Nectar Premier Copper memory foam mattress with a rating of 4.8 over 5 stars on Nectar’s website. It is also rated 6.5 on the firmness scale, so it should be suitable for most sleepers. 

But what makes the Nectar Premier Copper the coolest memory foam bed in the market? The secret is its name itself, which is copper. We’re all familiar with gel pods to improve memory foam in heat retention, but the Nectar Premier combines a cool cover with copper fibers and gel memory foam.


Layla Memory Foam

Do you want the best soft memory foam mattress? If you’re a side sleeper or a lightweight individual that will benefit more from a soft bed, but you also sleep hot, try the Layla memory foam mattress. It is even awarded as Best Cooling Mattress by Sleepopolis. 

It has a fabric cover that will reactively cool in contact with body temperature, and the mattress has three-inch copper-gel memory foam to prevent heat retention. But what makes it suitable for side or lightweight sleepers? The Layla memory foam mattress has a rated-4 soft side, and best of all, it is flippable as well if you want a rated-7 firm sleeping surface.


Helix Midnight Luxe

If you’re a fan of Helix mattresses, you can get a memory foam bed from them that will keep you cool throughout the night. In particular, try the Helix Midnight Luxe mattress, a US-made bed with a 15-year warranty. But what makes it feel cooler than your traditional memory foam mattress?

The Helix Midnight Luxe uses the brand’s Ultra Breathable Tencel technology to improve the mattress’s pillow top airflow. Additionally, the support layer is even a gel visco material to help with support and keeping heat away from the body. Here is how much a Helix mattress is if you’re interested in the brand. 


DreamCloud Premier 

You are probably familiar with the brand DreamCloud because it is among the best king-size mattresses in the market. However, you can also consider this model if you want to sleep on memory foam, but you hate feeling hot. The DreamCloud Premier is one of the coolest hybrid mattresses to try as well. 

The DreamCloud Premier combines contouring gel memory foam and individually-wrapped coils. Remember that opting for a hybrid bed with a coil system is a fantastic solution to improve air circulation instead of a foam mattress. You can even further enhance this mattress’ breathability by selecting a slatted foundation since it is compatible with all types of frames. 


WinkBeds GravityLux

If you’re a fan of the company WinkBeds, you can get the GravityLux mattress to get the contouring pressure relief from memory foam but still have heat drawn away from your body. You can even select from three firmness levels to suit your personal needs and preferences. 

What makes the WinkBeds GravityLux feel cool? WinkBeds built this mattress from a Eucalyptus-derived Tencel cover with a cooling gel foam tufting. And inside, the brand uses the so-called AirCell memory foam with shock-absorbing air capsules that remove heat build-up.


Do Memory Foam Mattresses Keep You Cool?

Memory foam is not a cool mattress type, especially compared to latex foam, hybrid, or innerspring beds. However, manufacturers have developed cool memory foam mattresses that have a better airflow, draw heat away from the sleeper, and even regulate the body temperature effectively. 

These memory foam mattresses are infused with gel, copper, or even both. Additionally, some brands combine these memory foam beds with a breathable cover that’s designed to maximize airflow. Overall, you can expect your memory foam bed to keep you cool if it’s not the traditional memory foam type. 

We recommend reading this guide on what to look for when buying a memory foam mattress to help you find the best one in the market, and it should guarantee a cool sleeping experience. 


What’s The Difference Between Memory Foam And Gel Memory Foam?

The difference between a memory foam mattress and a gel memory foam mattress is the infusion of gel pods, granules, swirls, or layers on the latter. With this extra material, the memory foam mattress draws heat away from the user much more effectively. You can also find gel memory foam mattress toppers in the market with the same design. 



Was this article helpful? We answered which memory foam mattress is the coolest, and it revealed Nectar, Layla, Helix, DreamCloud, and WinkBeds. These mattresses feature gel, copper, and even a breathable structure for better temperature regulation. 

We hope you found the best cool memory foam on this list, but feel free to ask us any questions if you need more help.


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