How Much Is A Helix Mattress: Best Buying Guide

Those who want to know how much is a Helix mattress can prepare $700 to $1,500. We will also talk about what to expect with different types of Helix beds. Are they even worth it?

Speaking of prices, here are the best cheap foam mattresses to try. They are affordable without affecting the overall quality. 

how much is a helix mattress


What Does A Helix Mattress Cost?

Helix mattresses come in various types, but you can expect them to range from under $700 to under $1,500. These price points apply to the Helix Sunset, Moonlight, Midnight, Dusk, Twilight, and Dawn. However, the Helix Plus mattress costs under $850 for its starting price. 


Can you finance a Helix mattress?

Like most big mattress brands, Helix offers financing to make your mattress purchase even more accessible. You can select between Klarna and Katapult, where Klarna offers four interest-free installments, and Katapult allows financing if you have low or no FICO scores. It should be easy to apply for mattress financing using the dedicated page on the brand’s website


Do Helix mattresses go on sale?

You can also save more by buying a Helix mattress during Helix Sleep’s sales. Sometimes they’ll have offers of up to $200 off with free two Dream down alternative pillows, depending on the amount of your purchase. You only need to check for applicable promo codes on various holidays, such as Labor Day.  

Alternatively, we’ve written about the best time to buy a mattress. That article will help you mark your calendar to score discounts, freebies, and sales to save more when buying a new bed. You can try visiting Helix Sleep’s website during those special dates. 


Are there discounts for Helix mattresses?

Other than special sales days, Helix offers numerous discounts for various individuals. For example, you can get a discount code that will save you 15% during checkout if you are in the military, a first responder, or a teacher. Simply click on the code and sign into VeifyPass. 

Furthermore, Helix does reward referrals, and you’ll get $50 on Amazon. What’s great is your friend will also get $125 off their purchase, and Helix will even include two Dream Pillows for free.


Are Helix Mattresses Worth It?

Helix mattresses are worth it since they are reasonably affordable for the quality you’re getting. Remember that most new mattresses in the market are over $1,000, especially if you’re buying big ones like a queen and king-size beds. Furthermore, you’ll get a 100-night trial with a 10 to 15-year warranty and free shipping for convenience. 

It’s always fantastic to see extended warranty periods and a night trial of more than a month. These traits show that Helix trusts its products. And you even get to save more with the free delivery. 


Are Helix Mattresses Sold In Stores?

Helix mattresses are available in the brand’s showroom and mattress store in NYC. Helix also has several partner showrooms all over the US. But as of this writing, Helix announced that their showroom is currently closed due to the pandemic to ensure the safety of staff and customers. 

Suppose you have inquiries about a possible location close to you or other questions regarding buying directly from Helix Sleep’s website. In that case, it should be easy to reach the company’s customer service. 

But because of the pandemic and the fact that Helix mattresses are made to order, expect that your mattress order will only ship after a week or two from your order date. 


How Long Does A Helix Bed Last?

Helix mattresses come with a 10-year warranty, while Helix Plus and Helix Luxe have a longer 15-year warranty. These warranties give you an idea of the Helix bed’s expected lifespan of up to 10 years or longer. However, you don’t need to wait for your mattress to reach its anticipated lifespan before considering getting a new one. 

For example, understand that the average mattress lifespan is between 5 to 10 years. Still, you can buy a new one after year 7 or 8, especially when it’s deformed. Your usage will also play a role in your bed’s longevity, so maintain and care for your Helix mattress. 


Is Helix A Good Brand?

Helix is a good company, and they are even among the best memory foam mattress brands. You can find various awards that call Helix The Best Overall Mattress, Best for Side Sleepers, Best for Plus Size, Best Value Hybrid Mattress, Best Mattress for Back Pain, Best Cooling Mattress for Side Sleepers, and Best Custom Hybrid Mattress for Couples. Furthermore, the Helix brand is doctor-recommended by health professionals of Neurobiology, Psychology, and of course, Sleep Medicine. 


Where Are Helix Mattresses Made?

Helix mattresses are hand-assembled and custom-made in the US. 


Is Helix Bed In A Box?

Helix mattresses and compressed and rolled inside a box as big as a golf club bag. The brand ship via FedEx Ground, but they currently do not offer in-home delivery and old mattress removal due to the pandemic. You cannot also schedule your delivery date. 



And that’s it! To answer how much is a Helix mattress, it is under $700 to under $1,500 for all their models except Helix Plus. You can even score discounts on holidays, when you refer a friend, or if you’re in the military, a first responder, or a teacher. 

So do we think if Helix is worth buying? Of course! The brands have numerous awards, and even doctors recommend these mattresses. 

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