What Is The Softest Memory Foam Mattress: Best 4

Those who want to know what is the softest memory foam mattress can check these four mattress models. They are from reputable brands as well, so you know that they are high-quality. We’ll also discuss more information about soft memory foam beds to help you decide if this bed is suitable for you. 

Are you also curious about the answer to what is the softest mattress type? Please consider reading that separate article to explore other beds besides memory foam. 

what is the softest memory foam mattress


What Is The Softest Memory Foam Mattress In The Market?


Amerisleep AS5

Amerisleep is iconic when it comes to their mattresses called AS2, AS3, and AS5. But if you want a memory foam bed that feels soft, you can get the brand’s AS5, which they call the Best Plush Mattress. It even has multiple awards where it’s called the Best Overall Soft Mattress and Best Ultra-Plush Mattress. 

The Amerisleep AS5 is rated 3 by users in terms of firmness, but some also give it a 5. Therefore, it would make a fantastic plush mattress without leaving the sleeper feeling swallowed by the bed. Furthermore, you might appreciate the 20-year warranty from Amerisleep, which is good proof of their trust with its quality. 

Here is where you can purchase Amerisleep mattresses if you’re interested in the brand. 


Helix Sunset Luxe

One of the best affordable foam beds is Helix, but did you know that you can also consider this company for a soft memory foam mattress? In particular, try the Helix Sunset Luxe with a soft top layer that the brand describes as “sinking into a cloud.” This makes this mattress ideal for side sleepers that need cushioning to relieve the pressure on the shoulder and hip.

The top layer of the Helix Sunset Luxe is a quilted top with breathable technology, so you feel plush but cool. Helix also has a so-called Memory Plus Foam on the comfort layer, essentially a soft but high-density material. And if you want a quick idea of how soft this mattress is, it is rated 2 to 3, so you know that it is very soft to sleep on. 


Tempur ProAdapt Soft

It’s not surprising that Tempurpedic beds will be included in any list of best memory foam mattresses in the market. However, they also have mattresses where you can select the firmness, and some are available in soft. So if you want a soft Tempurpedic bed, consider the ProAdapt Soft from the brand.

The Tempur ProAdapt offers advanced pressure relief, making it ideal for sleepers who experience aches and pain. You can also opt for this mattress if you share the bed since it offers excellent motion cancellation. But if you’re still unfamiliar with this brand’s popular Tempur material, please check this article discussing everything you need to know about what Tempurpedic mattresses are made of


Layla Memory Foam

Layla is among the best online mattress brands, and you can also check their store if you want a soft memory foam bed. In particular, try the Layla memory foam mattress, which has a soft side rated 4 on the firmness scale. In addition, it is a flippable bed that gives you the option for a firm side rated 7 in case you need a stiffer mattress.

Another feature of the Layla memory foam mattress that is worth mentioning is the copper-gel memory foam. Not only does it feels plush, but you will also gain the antimicrobial and cooling benefits from copper. And finally, you can say goodbye to pressure and pain because Layla features variable support and surface modification on this mattress. 


Can You Get A Soft Memory Foam Mattress?

While memory foam mattresses are more commonly available in medium or medium-firm feels, you can still find soft foam beds from various manufacturers. Some brands allow the buyer to select the firmness they like, or some memory foam mattress models are designed to have a plush layer for pressure relief. You can also check the firmness rating of the memory foam bed and get those rated 5 and under if you want a soft mattress. 

We also recommend that you check this list of the best double-sided mattresses. Some of them feature memory foam, but the flippable feature can benefit you if you ever need a firmer sleeping surface. 


Do Firm Memory Foam Mattresses Get Softer?

Most new memory foam beds require a break-in period that can last from days to weeks. This means the bed feels stiffer than it truly is, but constant use and waiting for it to finish expanding will restore its true softness. However, some memory foam beds are ready to use, and they feel firm at the start. 

These mattresses won’t get softer because their structure is designed to feel firm. But if you notice your firm mattress feeling softer and it has been used for 8 years or more, it’s probably time to get a new one. A firm bed turned soft from wear won’t be supportive and might lead to body pain. 



And that’s it! To recap this list answering what is the softest memory foam mattress, you can try the brands: Amerisleep, Helix, Tempurpedic, and Layla. They are rated 5 and under for a plush sleeping experience. 

However, please check if a soft bed is ideal for your body type and sleeping position to ensure that you won’t encourage a poor sleeping posture. 


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