What Is The Best King Size Mattress On The Market

You have five options to answer the question of what is the best king size mattress on the market. This article will go through the mattress brands which have the best king beds for the money. You are also probably familiar with them, but remember that the size and price of a king mattress is an investment worth planning for. 

Before we proceed, give this article that discusses the difference between a Cal king and king mattress a quick read. It will benefit you to be familiar with king mattress sizes as well. 

what is the best king size mattress on the market


5 Best King Size Mattresses On The Market



You don’t need many reasons to buy a Tempurpedic mattress because this brand is among the best foam beds you can get. And if you want to invest in a top-quality king bed, you can try the Luxebreeze from the breeze collection. It might be intimidatingly costly, but remember that a king-size mattress is a significant investment, to begin with.

The Tempurpedic Luxebreeze is among the best king-size mattresses on the market because its overall structure is perfect for something as spacious as a king bed. You’re highly likely to be sharing a bed this big, and you can feel assured that you and your partner or even kids will feel comfortable with a pressure-relieving but cooling mattress. Tempurpedic even uses their phase change material called PureCool+ to keep you cozy the whole night. 


Brooklyn Aurora

Those who are a fan of Brooklyn Bedding might recognize this brand as one of the best online mattress stores. And if you want a king-size mattress from them, your top pick should be the hybrid mattress Aurora. The Brooklyn Aurora is under $2,200 only, but the company often has sales where it can be under $1,650!

But other than the reasonable price point, what makes this hybrid bed useful with king-size dimensions? The Brooklyn Aurora comes in soft, medium, and firm options to suit every user. It also uses the brand’s CopperFlex foam, which provides targeted pressure relief and antimicrobial features for the ultimate comfort and longevity of the mattress. 


Helix Twilight

Memory foam is perhaps the best material to get for a king bed. And if we’re talking about the best memory foam mattresses, Helix is among the brands you’ll be familiar with. The Helix Twilight makes the best king-size foam mattress for those that want a firm bed. 

The Helix Twilight has the ideal firmness for side sleepers or even those that constantly change their sleeping position throughout the night. The large surface area of the king bed is suitable for combination sleepers, but you want the support that Helix Twilight provides to keep your spine neutral. But if you have more budget, you can also get the Twilight Luxe that includes a Gel Visco layer and additional zoned lumbar support. 


Nectar Premier

Without sacrificing quality and comfort, those who want to know where to buy a cheap foam mattress can consider Nectar. But more than being on a budget, this brand also has the Premier mattress, which makes a wonderful king bed. You can even get $498 worth of free accessories when you buy from Nectar during their sales. 

The Nectar Premier is a memory foam mattress that is rated 6.5 on the firmness scale. Therefore, it can accommodate almost all types of sleepers, so those sharing the king-size bed can have everyone feel comfortable on it. Furthermore, you’ll get a 365-night trial with Nectar to ensure that you’ll be satisfied with this purchase. 


DreamCloud Premier

The company that owns Nectar also has another brand called DreamCloud, and their Premier mattress will also make an excellent king bed. The DreamCloud Premier is a luxurious king-size mattress thanks to its cashmere-blend cover and Euro top cradle and support layer. Because of its overall structure, you and your partner will also appreciate the minimal motion transfer with this bed. 

Do you already have an existing king bed frame? No worries because the DreamCloud Premier is compatible with foundations, traditional frames, adjustable bases, box springs, and even divan bases. And being a mattress-in-a-box, you can set up the king mattress yourself upon delivery. 


How Much Is A Good King Size Mattress?

A good king-size mattress can range from $1,500 to even above $5,000. Remember that massive beds like this size will be significantly pricier than queen or twin-size mattresses. However, it might be possible to find cheap king beds under $600, but you need to question its quality because how can a manufacturer offer a mattress this big at that low price?

Here is a guide on how much you should spend on a mattress for more buying tips. 


Do 2 Twins Make A King?

Two twin beds won’t make a king because a twin only measures 38 by 75 inches, while a standard king mattress is 76 by 80 inches. However, placing two twin XL mattresses side by side will make a king mattress. Some brands offer this combination, and you can know more about what is a split king mattress is in our separate article. 



And that’s it! To recap what is the best king size mattress on the market, you can check five brands: Tempur, Brooklyn Bedding, Helix, Nectar, and DreamCloud. These beds are ideal for the size of the king because they offer minimal motion transfer, excellent temperature regulation, and pressure relief.

We hope this list helped you, but feel free to leave any questions below. 

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