What Is The Best Memory Foam Mattress Brand: Top 5

If you want to know what is the best memory foam mattress brand, consider the top 6 in the market. They have the most popular memory foam beds, and we found out that they have good reviews from many buyers. We’ll also help you know if the memory foam bed is of good quality when buying. 

Furthermore, why not give this guide on who makes the best foam mattress a quick read? It’s always helpful to familiarize yourself with mattress manufacturers that are known for their foam beds. 

what is the best memory foam mattress brand


Who Makes The Best Memory Foam Mattress?



When it comes to memory foam beds, there’s no doubt that Tempur is among the most popular brands. In particular, the Tempurpedic mattresses are known for being the most comfortable foam beds as they use a unique memory foam material called the Tempur material. According to the brand, this material is an improved memory foam that provides the best pressure relief and conforming support without heat retention. 

Suppose you need more reasons why you must buy a Tempurpedic mattress. In that case, the brand’s Tempur-Adapt collection is the most highly recommended bed in America, and Tempurpedic is even awarded as #1 in customer satisfaction with retail mattresses. You will also get a 10-year warranty with these memory foam beds, so you know that they are confident with the quality of their products. 



A brand that can help you find the best memory foam mattress for you is Helix. You can use their sleep quiz to get the recommended mattress for your needs and preferences on their website. And if you have a heavier body type, the Helix Plus is the best memory foam bed you can get because it is specially designed for plus-sized people. 

The Helix Plus uses an ultra-dense memory foam, also known as the Helix special blend of memory foam called the Memory Plus foam, on its comfort layer for pressure relief. Then, the transition layer is firm memory foam with a high IFD to keep you well-supported. Other Helix mattresses combine their memory foam with other materials, so they will make an excellent choice of brand if you want a memory foam hybrid. 



Memory foam mattresses will often require an adjustment period because you need to break in the new material. As a result, users note that the memory foam feels too stiff for comfort. And a brand to consider if you need a long time to decide if memory foam is for you is Nectar. 

The Nectar memory foam mattress comes with a 365-night home trial to give you enough time to be satisfied with the memory foam bed. Nectar also boasts multiple awards with this memory foam model to prove that customers are pleased with the bed. And additionally, you will love how Nectar uses three inches of high-density gel memory foam for cushioning support with excellent temperature regulation. 



Nowadays, bed-in-a-box mattresses are gaining popularity because of their convenience in shipping and moving. You don’t need to hire and pay extra for set-up because the small box is easy to move around the house. And for a memory foam bed-in-a-box mattress, Casper is the most popular. 

Their Casper Original mattress has so-called zoned memory foam. This means that it is ergonomically designed to provide the ideal firmness and support on every body region. You can read our research about the Casper mattress firmness to know more about this factor.


Brooklyn Bedding

Are you on a budget and want a memory foam mattress that will give you the best value for money? Consider the Brooklyn Chill memory foam mattress from Brooklyn Bedding. The queen-size bed of this model is only less than $500, and the company even has sales sometimes where you can get it for only $355. 

Furthermore, the buyer can select from various versions of the Brooklyn Chill. Brooklyn Bedding uses high-quality gel memory foam for cooling contouring and pressure relief. And best of all, the fabric at the top panel is stain-resistant for easier maintenance.


How Do I Know If My Memory Foam Is Good Quality?

Like all types of mattresses, memory foam beds will vary in quality depending on the model’s overall construction and brand. But because the choices in the market are overwhelming, the best way to ensure that the memory foam mattress is of good quality is if the brand uses high-density foam

High-density foam means that the memory foam will be durable and supportive for a long time because the manufacturer used a high weight per cubic foot material. Therefore, the memory foam will have a stronger cell structure and won’t sag easily. Just remember that firmness is not correlated with density. 

We recommend reading this separate guide to help you find the best type of memory foam mattress. Every person is different, so the factors are variable in finding the best memory foam bed for you. 



And that’s it! To recap what is the best memory foam mattress brand, consider the five leading brands in the market. They are Tempur, Helix, Nectar, Casper, and Brooklyn Bedding. 

Each has an advantage over the other, so it should be easy to find which brand suits you best. We hope this article has helped you, and feel free to use our knowledge base to know more about memory foam beds. 


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