What Type Of Memory Foam Mattress Is Best

This article will answer what type of memory foam mattress is best by comparing four types. Then, we’ll compare memory foam thickness, densities, and firmness types. By the end of this read, you should have the best memory foam mattress for you.

We also recommend knowing which mattress is best for sleeping. It would help you read that separate article because you’ll find out if a memory foam bed is compatible with your sleeping position or body type. You can also use the considerations mentioned to select the best memory foam type. 

what type of memory foam mattress is best


What Is The Best Memory Foam Mattress?

The best type of memory foam will vary for every person. Therefore, instead of mentioning a specific type or memory foam mattress model, it would be best to distinguish them from each other. 


Traditional memory foam

A traditional memory foam mattress is the most common type. It is a type of polyurethane foam that is notably viscoelastic compared to other foams. A traditional memory foam mattress is perfect for people who experience body pain because it responds well to the body and will relieve pressure. 


Open-cell memory foam

Traditional memory foam is excellent for pressure relief, but its structure doesn’t permit good airflow. Therefore, you might want an open-cell memory foam mattress because its internal pockets allow better ventilation. However, some open-cell memory foams also lose their density, which means those who need a firmer bed won’t feel supported with this memory foam type. 


Gel memory foam

If you want to retain the firmness of memory foam but also want good temperature regulation, you can opt for a gel memory foam mattress. Manufacturers will blend the foam with gel, add gel beads, or even include a gel layer on the memory foam mattress because this material promotes better heat dissipation. You will sleep more comfortably if the heat is drawn away from your body. 


Hybrid memory foam

Another type of memory foam mattress is the hybrid bed. Instead of using memory foam for the entire mattress, the manufacturer uses a coil layer for the support layer and the memory foam at the comfort layer. This type of bed is ideal for people who want the bounciness and breathability of an innerspring mattress but would benefit from memory foam’s contouring trait. 


What Firmness Of Memory Foam Mattress Is Best?

The best memory foam firmness will vary according to your sleeping position and body type. To know more, here is a complete guide on how to select mattress firmness



You might want to avoid a soft memory foam mattress because it won’t offer support. As a result, you’ll sink too deeply and ruin the alignment of your spine when you sleep. However, a soft memory foam mattress can be combined with a reliable support layer to make up for the mattress structure. 



If you want a cushioned mattress without sinking too much, the best memory foam firmness is medium-soft. You can also find this memory foam in the upper layer of beds, but people who need a higher level of support might be better with something firmer. 



You can always get a medium-firm memory foam mattress if you’re unsure of what firmness level to get. This material is right between comfort and support. This is also the most common memory foam firmness level.  



Some people, such as heavy individuals or those who sleep on their stomachs must use a firm memory foam mattress. This firmness level won’t provide any cushioning, but it’s fantastic for the individuals mentioned because they will maintain the ideal sleeping posture with a stiff bed. 


What Density Of Memory Foam Mattress Is Best?



A low-density memory foam mattress is cheap, but it’s not ideal because it won’t be as durable. Low density means that the bed also uses less foam during production. However, this cheap mattress might make an excellent extra bed for guests. 



A medium-density memory foam mattress would be the best because it is less short-lived than a low-density one. This foam also offers the right firmness because it’s not too soft nor stiff.



A high-density memory foam mattress would be excellent for people who want a very firm mattress. Its price is also reasonable because it will last long. 


What Thickness Of Memory Foam Mattress Is Best?

The best memory foam mattress thickness would be anywhere from 10 to 14 inches to guarantee comfort, support, and durability. Of course, choosing the specific thickness will depend on your personal preference and needs. Just remember that a thin mattress will feel firmer than a thick mattress. 

If you want to understand mattress thickness in more detail, here is how thick a mattress should be


Are There Different Qualities Of Memory Foam?

Memory foam mattresses have different qualities because they differ in type, firmness, density, and thickness. You also have to consider the reliability of the brand. High-quality memory foams should last long before sagging, while cheaper and low-quality memory foams can lose their compression after only several years. 



And that’s it! To recap what type of memory foam mattress is best, it will depend on your priority features. For example, traditional memory foam offers contouring, but you may want an open-cell one for better breathability. But if you don’t want to lose the density, gel memory foam beds are also cooling. 

If you want the bounciness of an innerspring, you can also opt for a hybrid memory foam bed. And from these types, find out the ideal firmness, density, and thickness for you. 


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