How To Clean A Mini-Fridge? In 4 Easy Steps!

How to clean a mini-fridge? There are four easy steps to clean your filthy mini-fridge. This article will discuss all those essential things you need to do. Moreover, you will also be able to learn crucial information about this topic. One of the primary keys to maintaining the wellness of your mini refrigerator is by cleaning it. Cleaning removes spoiled food that could produce molds and other unnecessary beverages that could make your fridge smelly.

Thus, studies advise that you must clean your unit regularly. Like any other appliance, a mini-fridge needs polishment.

how to clean a mini-fridge

This action will help it perform its job accurately. Furthermore, it prevents from experiencing possible malfunctions and problems in the future.

Well, there are many more things that you should know about this topic, so just read on!


Steps To Clean A Mini-Fridge; Four Easy Steps

To clean a mini-fridge is a direct action to perform. Because of its size, you won’t need any assistance from a friend or service to help you. However, before you start, you must prepare the following materials: water, towel, soap, and containers.

Here are the following steps on how to clean your mini-fridge:


Step #1. Empty your mini-fridge

The first step you need to do is to empty the interior of your mini-fridge. When you clear the fridge, it means you need to take and throw away spoiled and recalled food. These are food and beverages that have an expiring label. Moreover, it also includes other food that stayed inside the fridge for an extended period.

As you unload the refrigerator, segregate the food you may still eat from the food you need to throw. After you determine what things you will keep, get a container or sealed bags. Put the food separately inside the container and label them accordingly.

However, before you do this step, ensure that you turned off and unplugged the unit. It may increase energy consumption. And worse, it could lead to possible electrical shocks. Thus, be careful and be cautious.


Step #2. Take all the drawers and compartments

After you successfully empty your mini-fridge, it is about time to dismantle all the drawers present. First, disable the drawers and other detachable features. Then, go to the sink or your bathroom. Get a liquid or powder detergent and warm water. Wash all the drawers and compartments one by one.

Make sure that you cleanse all the molds and specks of dirt formed in it. Then, after you wash and clean all of those parts, get a clean towel. Dry the drawers using a towel. Wipe all wet areas. As you finish washing and drying, put it aside and proceed to the next step.


Step #3. Clean the interior of the fridge

The next step is one of the essential steps on how to clean your mini-fridge. Since you already wash and clean the detachable parts of your refrigerator, it is now time to clean the interior. First, get a clean towel, soap, and hot water.

After preparing all necessary materials:

  • Start the process by wiping all the dirt accumulated in the walls of your mini-fridge.
  • Use a wet towel with soap in this step.
  • Rinse it using clean water.
  • Do this action carefully that you must not wet plugs and cords.

Then, after rinsing, dry it using a dry towel. Make sure that you wipe all wet areas. Please wait for it to dry completely.


Step #4. Put back all parts and food

This step is the last part on how to clean a mini-fridge. After doing all the three steps mentioned above, it is now time to put back all the removable parts you washed and the food you set aside. First, get the drawers and compartments. Attach them again to their designated position and placement.

Then, get all the food and beverages you set aside. Organize them according to their type or expiration dates. Ensure that you must fit them neatly inside your mini-fridge to avoid spillage. As you finish this step, plug in your mini-fridge and turn it on. Set the temperature according to your desire. Moreover, look and learn other settings of your mini-fridge on the internet; know how to fix a mini-fridge.


Should I Need To Clean My Mini-fridge Regularly?

To answer that question, yes, you need to clean your unit regularly. According to some studies, you must clean a mini-fridge twice a year or every six months. Why? This action will maintain the well-being of your unit.

Moreover, it will prevent the formation of mold and other spillages. When you tend to forget to clean your mini-fridge, it will decrease its functionality and appearance. Furthermore, you may experience a smelly and dirty refrigerator that you may hesitate to use at your home.

Thus, it is essential to deep clean your mini-fridge twice a year or even more than that. At least, when you have guests, you will not be shy to show your unit. It will also improve its job.



I hope I answered your question on how to clean a mini-fridge. Again, you need to do the four easy steps discussed in this article. Cleaning is one of the critical things you must do to take care of your unit. Thus, it would help if you remembered all steps mentioned.

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