Where To Get Wedding Dress Cleaned: 2 Best Options

If you don’t know where to get wedding dress cleaned, we’ll discuss how to choose a trusty preservationist or dry cleaner. We’ll also discuss the safety of products like Oxiclean when cleaning wedding dresses.

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where to get wedding dress cleaned

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Where To Get Wedding Dress Cleaned Safely



The best place to get your wedding dress cleaned is to a wedding dress preservationist. This expert specializes in creating a treatment plan according to the specific type of wedding dress you have.

With wedding dress preservation, the dress material, details, and workmanship are considered to ensure that the dress will retain its beauty and good condition. The preservationist will formulate the proper cleaning procedure to remove all stains and imperfections, then wrap the dress in acid-free tissue paper before putting it in an archival box. 

Brides who intend to keep their dress long-term and wouldn’t take it out of the box should go to a well-reputed preservationist. This should also be your cleaning option if you want to pass the dress as an heirloom.

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Dry cleaners

If you find wedding dress preservation too costly, consider a dry cleaning company. Dry cleaning will pre-treat the stains on the wedding dress and then use a dry cleaning machine with a safe solvent for the wedding dress and its embellishments. 

If you’re getting the stains removed from the wedding dress, make sure that the company uses petroleum-based or virgin solvents that are gentler and nourishing to the delicate wedding dress. It should be easy to find a dry cleaner that mentions their specialty in wedding dress cleaning. 

Overall, you should feel comfortable leaving your wedding dress cleaned by a preservationist or dry cleaner as long as you check their policies, such as refunds. You can also research the reviews of these experts and if they have a good reputation with wedding dress cleaning. 


Can a wedding dress be wet cleaned?

It’s possible to find a cleaning specialist that uses a wet cleaning method for the wedding dress. From the name itself, they will wash the gown using gentle stain removers.

This method is not as commonly used as dry cleaning because some stains can oxidize and turn the areas yellow when left untreated. However, wedding dresses made from polyester should be safe to wet-clean. 

When in doubt, the dress can always be spot tested with the cleaning solution. If you’re cleaning the dress yourself, it should have a cleaning label that will mention the best method.


How To Clean Wedding Dress With Oxiclean


Can you clean a wedding dress with Oxiclean? 

It should be safe to clean a wedding dress and remove its stains with OxiClean. This cleaner would be best for restoring satin wedding dresses that have turned yellow. 

However, it would still be best to find a small section on your wedding dress and test it with OxiClean. If there are no adverse reactions, then you can safely proceed to stain removal with this product. 


Here is a step-by-step tutorial on cleaning a wedding dress with OxiClean:

  1. Remove the metal parts of the wedding dress since they can rust when soaked in OxiClean
  2. Locate the stains on the dress and spot treat them with OxiClean or combine it with gentle detergent for trickier discolorations
  3. Fill a tub with lukewarm water, gentle detergent, and OxiClean
  4. Stir the cleaning solution and mix well
  5. Soak the wedding dress in the mixture for several hours or longer
  6. Refill the water when it turns yellow
  7. Rinse the dress thoroughly but gently
  8. Mold it back to shape


How Much Does It Cost To Clean A Wedding Dress?

Expect to spend anywhere from $300 to over $500 when getting your wedding dress cleaned. Wedding dress preservation can be as much as $450, but some specialists might charge up to $600, depending on the dress and the service you want for it. 

Nonetheless, getting the dress cleaned by a professional should make you feel more at ease than experimenting with it yourself at home. If you need more convincing, read why wedding dresses are so expensive to appreciate the work that comes with this special dress. 


When Should You Get Your Wedding Dress Cleaned?

You can get your wedding dress cleaned six weeks after using it to make stain removal much more effective. But if you’re just about to use the dress, consult your designer since it might be ready to wear. 

Speaking of which, are you confident with the overall fitting of the dress? Learn how to measure for a wedding dress to know more. 



And that’s it! We just found out where to get wedding dress cleaned, which can be to a preservationist or dry cleaner. 

Consult these experts when cleaning your dress to ensure that its material, embellishments, and craftsmanship won’t get ruined. And if you’re interested, check how to dye a wedding dress if you want to change your dress to another color. 


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