What Does LF Mean On My Maytag Washer? 6 Surprising Error Codes To Learn!

What does LF mean on my Maytag washer? An LF sign on display indicates that there is something wrong with the water flowing into the washer.

You have to make sure that it’s not clogged or kinked. If you have a modern or the latest type of washing machine, you will see an error display if something is wrong with your washer.

What does LF mean on my Maytag washer

Unlike the older models, having an error code will identify which part of your washer is not working correctly. So if you are not yet familiar with the error codes, this article will cover it all up for you. Knowing these error codes is a necessity for maintaining your washer in the right and proper condition. There is so much more to learn, so delve into this article deeper!


Error Codes In Maytag Washers And How To Fix It

Using error codes in your Maytag front load washers will help you diagnose the problem your washer faces. The following error codes may not be what you can see for each model since each has specific error codes encoded in them. See their manufacturer’s manual for the particular model. Let’s find out the washing machine fault codes. Here are the following: 


#1. LC or LOC

If you see this indicator in the display, it means that the control lock has been turned on. You should fix this problem by touching the control lock button, the same as unlocking the control.


#2. dET

If you see dET on the washer display, it indicates that the detergent cartridge is not detected in the dispenser. You probably forgot to put the detergent cartridge back on the washer. Solve the dET error code, and you may want to check whether the detergent cartridge has been inserted entirely or you have selected the modes you wanted. The second option is available in some later models.


#3. What LF mean on your Maytag washer

So, what does LF mean on my Maytag washer? If you have recently seen the error code F8 E1 or LF / LO error, it means that there is no water entering the washer for 13 minutes or more. If you could see one of these error codes depending on the washer model, you must know the user’s manual for troubleshooting. If the error code F8 E1 or LF shows on display, the doors of your washer will be locked, and the controls of the washer will become unresponsive. You will need to press the power button to make the washer do its draining routine to troubleshoot the problem.

The draining will take approximately 8 to 10 minutes of your time. While draining, the pump will run continuously, and any controls will be unresponsive. After the given time, try not to do any functions but wait before trying the other features.

After successfully draining the remaining water from your washer, check the water supply from where the error code depends. Check whether the water is turned on from the source. 

You probably have used the washer thinking that the water source is turned on. Check both the hot and cold water faucets to make sure that both sources are working. The washer won’t work unless both the hot and cold water sources are supplied. Next is to remove the error code.

To do this, you’ll have to press the power button to restart the washer. If the power button does not work, try disconnecting and reconnecting the power plug. Reselect the cycle to start. If the washer is newly purchased, it is normal for one of these error codes to appear. Once you push the power button, the washer will start to drain, and all of the other buttons will become unresponsive. 


#4. F5 E2

An F5 E2 error displayed on the washer indicated that the door of your washer is not locking properly. It is probably because some items are blocking. Kindly press the cancel or stop button twice and the power button once to remove the error code. Also, read about what does F28 means on Whirlpool washer.


#5. F8 E2

The F8 E2 error code means a problem with the dispenser system. This error is only applicable in selected models of Maytag washers. You will have to verify whether you are using a single-doze of detergent or a double.


#6. F# E#

Other error codes have a pattern labeled as F# E#, which means something is wrong with the washer’s system aside from what’s listed above. All you have to do is to unplug the washer from the outlet and wait for at least a minute to re-connect it. Then turn it back on to see if there is still an error code. If the problem persists, you could contact their Customer service for inquiries. They will send a qualified technician if the situation can’t be solved by phone.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you know what does LF mean on my Maytag washer; you don’t have to worry and panic about the small things. Every problem has a solution. You could either repair yourself, especially when you already y know what to do. The first time I had these error codes displayed on my washer, I almost panicked, but thanks to the mighty internet, I didn’t have to spend money on calling a professional to fix the problem. Why hire someone if the task is simple? After reading this article, those error codes will scare you no more. It may be helpful to know the answer to this question: how do I reset my Maytag washer?

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