How To Dye A Wedding Dress Yourself In Just 3 Steps

You can easily learn how to dye a wedding dress in three steps. We will discuss how to prepare the dress and materials correctly to ensure that you can effectively dye your wedding dress. 

This tutorial also includes tips to ensure that you can do the process without ruining your dress. And speaking of which, you might be interested to know what to do with an old wedding dress.

how to dye a wedding dress

You can dye it to change its color to something that interests you, but you can also do other projects to the dress, especially when it’s been left unused for a long time. Feel free to browse our blog for other wedding dress projects. 


How To Dye A Wedding Dress At Home


Step 1. Preparation

  • Place the wedding dress on a digital scale and take note of its weight
  • Use the wedding dress weight to know how much dye to purchase; consider fabric dyes like Rit dye
  • Fill your sink or tub with hot water about 140°F
  • Add the dye into the water and stir accordingly; check the mixing instructions if needed
  • Make sure that the dye you’re using is compatible with the fabric type of your wedding dress


Step 2. Dye the dress

  • Fill another tub or sink with hot water and wet your dress inside it
  • Transfer the wet wedding dress to the dye solution
  • Stir the dress in the solution for about 25 minutes with a large spoon 


Step 3. Rinse and finish

  • Take off the wedding dress from the dye water
  • Rinse off the dyed dress in warm water thoroughly
  • Repeat rinsing in cooler water until the water turns clear
  • Hang the wedding dress on a hanger to help restore its shape and remove excess moisture effectively
  • Allow the dress to hang and air-dry overnight
  • The dress should be dyed effectively, but while waiting, clean the tub or sink as soon as possible to prevent the dye from staining it
  • Use hot soapy water and scrub the sink or tub 


Can You Dye A White Dress?

You can dye most white dresses as long as the one you have is made from natural fabrics. Check the label if the white dress is made from cotton, rayon, linen, or silk, and it should be compatible with dyeing. 

On the contrary, dresses made with synthetic fibers such as polyester can’t be dyed. Once you have confirmed that your garment is made from natural fibers, here is how to dye a white dress effectively:

  1. Wet the dress and set it aside but don’t dry
  2. Fill a tub or sink with hot water; this is where you’ll soak the dress for dyeing 
  3. Prepare the dyeing solution on the tub with hot water accordingly
  4. Add a tablespoon of laundry detergent to the dye solution and stir until evenly mixed
  5. Submerge the white dress in the dye mixture and mix it with a large spoon for about 5 minutes
  6. Stir in a cup of salt into the dye solution for dresses made with plant-based fibers (e.g., cotton, linen, or rayon) to get better results with dyeing
  7. Stir in a cup of white vinegar into the dye solution for dresses made with silk to intensify the color
  8. Stir the dress for several minutes up to an hour, depending on the colored finish you want for the fabric
  9. Remove the dress from the solution and gently squeeze out the excess liquid
  10. Rinse the dress in warm water and then wash it as you normally would, as indicated in its cleaning label 


How Much Does It Cost To Dye A Wedding Dress?

You can spend as much as over $250 if you get your wedding dress dyed by a professional. However, you can save more and do it yourself by purchasing the proper fabric dye for the material of your dress. 

From there, your expenses will depend on how much dye you need for the dress you have. Again, it’s best to check the compatibility of the commercial dye with your dress to avoid accidentally ruining the fabric or getting an unsatisfactory color with the dress. 

Are you also curious why wedding dresses are so expensive? Read the reasons in our separate article to appreciate the work that comes with this special dress. 


How Do You Professionally Dye A Dress?

It should be easy to find several dress dyeing services in your location. However, remember to select a company that specializes in dyeing the fabric that your dress has. 

For example, most professional dress dyeing services note that they can only dye garments made from cotton, linen, or rayon. It would be hard to find a service to dye nylon, polyester, acrylic, or acetate dresses. 

Some services will also mention that they specialize in wedding dresses and other garments used for events. These professionals would be your best option to ensure that your wedding dress will be dyed safely. 


Can A Yellowed Wedding Dress Be Restored?

You can restore a yellowed dress by bringing it to a professional cleaner. There are special cleaning solutions that are compatible with wedding dress fabrics. 

Read where to get a wedding dress cleaned to know more. 



Was this tutorial helpful? We just discussed how to dye a wedding dress in three steps. 

First, you need to prepare the dyeing solution with hot water and pre-soak the dress. From there, you only need to follow the instructions of the dye. 

If you have more questions, feel free to leave them below. 

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