Why Are Wedding Dresses So Expensive: 5 Reasons

If you’re curious why are wedding dresses so expensive, we’ll discuss several factors. But, more than the effort and labor in making one, four more factors affect the final price of the wedding dress. 

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why are wedding dresses so expensive

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Why Does Wedding Dress Cost So Much?


Effort and labor

Making a wedding dress is not easy, mainly using an intricate design on challenging and expensive materials. Therefore, you cannot expect a detailed and well-crafted garment to come at a low price tag. 

The labor cost is among the factors that affect the final price of the wedding dress, as it’s only fair for the laborers, seamstress, or tailors to be compensated for their work. However, the sad truth is that the labor cost does not even significantly affect the final wedding dress price. 

Be sure to get your dress from a reputable shop that compensates its workers well. You can always search more about the brand or designer. 


Limited availability

The design and craftsmanship of the wedding dress are not the only factors to its final cost. Some dresses are also limited or custom-made, which naturally means they won’t be within the same price range as others. 

This additional price increase is expected on high-end wedding dresses that are created in limited quantities. Expect to pay higher for it if you’re also looking at a rare and in-demand dress. 

With custom-made dresses, on the other hand, you have to account for the materials and labor needed to produce them within the given time. Therefore, it will require extra time and attention for it to reach the client’s/bride’s expectations. 


Retailer costs

A wedding dress can also be more expensive if you bought it from a brick-and-mortar boutique. Remember that the store has to pay overhead expenses such as the costs for running the shop. 

Things like the store’s rent, bills, staff, and insurance will be factored into the dress price. So a helpful tip if you want to save more when buying a dress is to consider online wedding shops. 

By eliminating the in-person store costs, the final price of the wedding dress should also be lower. Just make sure to check the reviews and policies of the online boutique since you’re only trying the dress upon arrival. 

Learn more about how to ship a wedding dress and compare the process to how the store sends your order. The dress should arrive safely if it’s packed well.  


Shopping service

Shopping for your wedding dress is an experience, and this experience also adds to the final cost of the wedding dress. Boutiques offer fantastic service and attention to the bride and her guests, including a salesperson that would ensure you’ll find the perfect dress. 

If you’re shopping at a boutique that requires an appointment, expect that you will be paying for the service during your visit. This is because you’re essentially getting a personalized shopping experience and the services that come with it. 

For example, shops might offer glasses of champagne or finger foods that the bride and her party can enjoy while trying on dresses. The store will, of course, add these extra costs to the price tag of their dresses. 


Wedding tax

While the wedding tax is not apparent to all wedding dress shops, it can still exist. The wedding tax refers to the price increase that vendors and businesses add to their service or product cost. 

They do this for the privilege of putting on a wedding or when the people mention that they’re shopping for a wedding. The expectations for the bride to look the best in her wedding dress is argued why having a wedding tax for the wedding dress is justified. 

The boutique might also feel pressured to ensure that the dress will match the expectations of everyone. However, be extra diligent because some vendors and businesses might be overcharging you despite not having any changes to the experience or products they’re offering. 


How Much Do Brides Typically Spend On Wedding Dress?

Brides usually spend a thousand dollars on a wedding dress. However, you don’t have to spend the average cost, and you can always go over or under this price range. 

It’s possible to spend over a thousand dollars, but there’s also nothing wrong with a wedding dress under $500 or $300. Read how to measure for a wedding dress to get the perfect fit and value for your purchase. 



And that’s it! In this article, we found out why are wedding dresses so expensive from five factors. 

The labor, rarity, overhead expenses, service, and wedding tax can affect the final price of the dress. We hope we’ve helped you strategize a plan to save well on your wedding dress shopping with them discussed. 

Leave us a question if you still have any. 

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