How To Ship A Wedding Dress In Just 2 Steps

You can learn how to ship a wedding dress in only two steps. First, we’ll discuss the proper way to pack the dress and seal the package to ensure its safety during shipment. 

This article will also include tips for packaging a wedding dress and the expenses you can expect when shipping this item. In case you’re curious, do you know what to do with an old wedding dress?

how to ship a wedding dress

Perhaps you’re shipping the dress to a client or charity. Feel free to read that article to give you ideas regarding your used wedding dress. 


How Do You Pack A Wedding Dress In A Box?



  • Prepare the correct size cardboard box for the wedding dress
  • The box shouldn’t be too small that the dress can get damaged or have its embellishments ruined
  • The box shouldn’t be too large that shipping the item won’t be economical
  • Make sure that the cardboard box is also durable enough for transport
  • Check with your chosen courier since some companies charge by cubic weight according to the box size of the parcel
  • Before putting the dress inside the box, place it over a sheet of tissue paper or a layer of muslin fabric
  • Fold the wedding dress accordingly and place tissue paper between each layer to act as protection on the embellishments against the fabric



  • With the dress folded with paper, put it inside a clear plastic bag in case the parcel gets wet during shipment
  • Place the sealed bag into the box 
  • Fill the empty space with cushioning materials or newspapers so the dress won’t shift
  • Tape the box securely to ensure that there are no openings or tears
  • Seal the seams and flaps for added durability of the box
  • Follow the rules set by the shipping company regarding the shipping label
  • Mark the package with “wedding gown” or place a fragile label to notify the handlers that it should be handled with care
  • Contact the courier regarding the time you want the dress to arrive for their quote
  • Consider a service that includes insurance, full tracking, and signature on delivery for your peace of mind


How Do You Ship A Formal Dress For Shipping?

  1. Prepare the correct size box and tape the bottom portion for durability
  2. Line the bottom interior of the box with bubble wrap
  3. Place several newspapers taped together the same length as the dress over a flat surface 
  4. Lay the dress over the paper face down
  5. Fold the arms and sleeves of the dress and put the paper between each layer
  6. Put a piece of paper on the back of the skirt of the dress and fold the sides of the skirt towards the center
  7. Put paper between the fabric layers
  8. Roll the skirt up and put the dress inside a garment bag
  9. Use a separate bag for the train if the dress has one
  10. Put the dress in the box and layer it with bubble wrap at the top
  11. Close the box without bending the flaps and secure it with tape
  12. Attach the shipping label on the box, but be careful not to put it over the seams or edges where it can get damaged
  13. Attach fragile stickers outside the box 


How Much Does The Average Wedding Dress Weigh?

The weight of a wedding dress depends on the materials, but you can expect it to weigh over five pounds. However, there are also lighter dresses, so make sure to weigh the garment yourself. 

You must know how much the wedding dress weighs, especially before shipping. Furthermore, it gives the bride an idea when wearing the dress for several hours. 


How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Wedding Dress

The cost of shipping a wedding dress depends on your chosen shipping company and other additional fees such as insurance that might be included. The size of the parcel can also affect the price for shipping a wedding dress in a box, which can range from under $20 to $50. 

It’s better to compare companies like FedEx, UPS, and USPS yourself to know your expected cost for the wedding dress. Nevertheless, choose the courier that you can feel assured of, so the dress will arrive safely.


Who Is The Cheapest To Ship With?

As of this writing, shipping with USPS is the cheapest option, especially if it’s a large package. However, the pricing will still depend on various factors. 


How To Travel With A Wedding Dress

  1. Hang the wedding dress on a hanger and prepare a garment bag
  2. Pull the hanging part of the hanger through the opening of the bag so that the bottom half of the dress is outside the bag
  3. Hold both sides of the bottom of the dress towards the waistline
  4. Roll the train up so that it will fit inside the bag
  5. Close the bag carefully to prevent the zipper from snagging the garment.



And that’s it! We just discussed how to ship a wedding dress, and it’s as simple as packing it properly using papers, a plastic bag, and an appropriate size box. 

Remember to fold your dress carefully with papers in each layer. Then, seal and label the box properly. 

We hope this was helpful; leave us a question if you have any. 

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