How To Measure For A Wedding Dress: Take 4 Areas

We’ll talk about how to measure for a wedding dress by focusing on four areas. These measurements will help you know your size to get the best fitting dress on your wedding day. 

Furthermore, we’ll help you take the measurements correctly so you can do them yourself. Feel free to browse our blog for more tips and tutorials regarding weddings and preparing for them.

how to measure for a wedding dress

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How To Measure For A Wedding Dress Properly

Before anything else, you must ensure that you are wearing the undergarments you intend to have with the wedding dress when you measure for it. Then, you will measure the bust, waist, and hip areas for the wedding dress, ensuring that the measuring tape is parallel to the floor. 

The tape shouldn’t be too tight or too loose against the body. And as for the posture during measuring, make sure to stand straight with arms down at your sides and heels together. 


Step 1. Measure the bust

Measure the bust size by having the measuring tape around the fullest section of the bride’s chest. Then, check if the tape is level around the back and expect the measurement to be different from the breast size. 

A mistake you must avoid is assuming that the breast size is equal to the bust size. Take this measurement carefully as it will ensure a good fitting in this area. 


Step 2. Measure the waist

After taking the bust’s size, measure the bride’s natural waist. This is the area between the bottom of the rib cage and pelvis. 

Measure this narrowest point of the torso, or if you’re having a hard time locating it, it should be above the belly button. Using the correct waist measurement should help create a dress that will look the most flattering for the bride. 


Step 3. Measure the hip

Measuring the hip size is straightforward. You just wrap the tape around your hips and ensure that the tape measure is flat. 

If you’re unsure where the hip area is, have the tape around the widest part of the hips and the fullest part of the bum. Then, check if the tape is neither loose nor tight by trying to fit a finger underneath it. 


What is the hollow to hem?

Besides measuring the bust, waist, and hip areas, it’s important that you also measure the hollow to hem for the wedding dress. The hollow to hem is essential because it gives the tailor the proper dress length. 

You only need to place the measuring tape at the center of the bride’s collarbone, hence the name hollow, and down to the hem you want for the dress. Do note that the measuring tape doesn’t have to hit the floor. 

An additional tip that brides must remember when fitting and measuring for a wedding dress is that they should also be wearing shoes with the same heel height as the pair they’ll use at the wedding. This is especially important when measuring the hollow to hem. 


How Do I Know My Wedding Dress Size?

You can determine your wedding dress size by asking for the designer’s size chart where you’re getting the dress. Remember that designers can differ with their standard sizing measurements, so using their chart when finding your wedding dress size is essential. 

A typical size chart will outline the measurements for the bust, waist, and hip areas. Then, you can use them as references corresponding to your measurement. 

A helpful tip is to get the wedding dress size that corresponds to your largest measurement. From here, you can have it tailored to your proportions much perfectly. 

It’s always better to get a dress that’s a tad bigger. After all, you will get a better fitting on the dress once it got altered.  


How Do You Measure Your Waist And Bust For A Wedding Dress?

To take the bust measurement, measure the circumference of the fullest area of the breast. You can also position the measuring tape to where the nipples are. 

As for the waist, locate the belly button as this is the narrowest part of the waist. You should also ask the person to exhale before measuring for the waist. 


What Measurements Do I Need For A Dress Fitting?

You must measure the bust, waist, and hips for a dress fitting. And for a wedding dress, some designers will also take the hollow to hem measurement if they also customize the length of the dress. 

Depending on the design of the dress, you might also need to get your neck and sleeves measured. 



And that’s it! We just learned how to measure for a wedding dress by measuring the bust, waist, hips, and hollow to hem. 

The bride-to-be needs to wear the undergarments she’ll use for the dress during fitting to get accurate measurements. She should also wear the same size heels to get the correct length of the dress.

And once you have the measurements, you can ask for the designer’s size chart. You can also get the dress altered to get the perfect fitting once it’s worn. 


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