What To Wear To A Spring Wedding Plus Size

If you’re unsure what to wear to a spring wedding plus size, you can consider these four tips to create the best wardrobe choice. You’ll know how to dress for a spring wedding appropriately as a guest and wear something that’s also flattering for your body type. 

But more than dresses, feel free to read what to wear to a spring wedding. It’s a more in-depth guide tailored to help wedding guests know what is suitable for spring. 

what to wear to a spring wedding plus size


Tips On What To Wear To A Spring Wedding Plus Size


Check the venue and dress code

Before anything else, you must check the dress code of the spring wedding and make sure to follow it. Remember that the length for some formal dress codes should be long, while it’s also possible to wear shorter dresses and outfits for more casual affairs. 

Another consideration for plus size wedding guests attending a spring wedding is the venue. While it’s spring and the weather can be unpredictable, the indoor or outdoor venue should help you decide what style, layers, and fabrics to wear. 

Furthermore, some venues are more formal than others. For example, some upscale venues might only allow guests to wear closed shoes. 


Pick spring-friendly colors and patterns

After considering the venue and dress code of the spring wedding, the next factor to help you decide on the appropriate wedding guest outfits is the season. Spring is perfect for pastel colors and floral prints. 

Plus size guests should not be afraid to try these colors and patterns because you can always pick a color combination that can highlight your best features and conceal your issues. For example, a soft pink dress with eye-catching floral patterns on the skirt and sleeves can take away the attention on your thighs or arms if you don’t want them to stand out. 

Light fabrics are also ideal when picking your spring wedding outfits. Cotton, silk, or wool blends will be comfortable if it’s warm, but they can also be layered with other clothes if the spring wedding feels cool. 


Prepare for the spring weather

Spring weddings can mean unpredictable weather, especially if the venue is outdoors. Therefore, you can always bring a cover-up like a shawl or a blazer in case it gets chilly, and you can also remove it if it’s hot. 

Understandably, you want something comfortable but flattering for plus size. Wearing layers can be tricky since you don’t want to look bigger than you are. 

The secret is avoiding very flowy coverups despite assuming they can make you look slimmer. Don’t be afraid to wear long but slightly fitted cardigans that can also elevate your spring outfits, such as a blouse tucked into a skirt or pants. 


Know what’s flattering for your body type

After considering the dress code, colors, patterns, and comfort, here are some flattering tips when dressing as a plus-size woman: 

  • Consider dresses or two-piece outfits with fabrics that are styled with a texture like ruched skirts, smocked blouses, or textured pants because they can conceal bulges
  • Opt for something that will highlight your waist to create an hourglass figure, such as waist-accentuating wrap dresses or A-line skirts with tucked-in blouses
  • If you prefer wearing pants, plus size women can look chic in dressy pantsuits that feature wide-legged pants and butterfly sleeves 
  • You can always tie a ribbon or belt around your waist to create a more flattering shape
  • The length of your skirt or pants with the shoes you’ll wear can also affect how your body will look; shorter plus-sized women will look more flattering if their ankles are showing
  • Besides A-line, consider fit and flare or sheath silhouettes when creating your wedding outfit
  • Maxi dresses should not be scary for plus size women, and these dresses even suit spring weddings; opt for something with a fitted waist and modest slit to create a stylish but sophisticated look 


What Do Plus Size People Wear To A Cold Wedding?

You don’t need to wear many layers to keep warm and comfortable at a cold wedding as a plus size guest. Instead, wear tights underneath, so you’re not sacrificing a flattering silhouette. 

For example, try wearing tights underneath a flattering black sheath cocktail dress to a semi-formal cold wedding. You can also opt for longer outfits like a long skirt with a wrapped blouse. 

Adding a shawl to your cold wedding attire should also help. Alternatively, if it’s really cold, you can always wear a stylish coat with a bodysuit for something chic but wedding-appropriate. 


What Is The Best Color To Wear To A Spring Wedding If You’re Plus Size?

Pastel colors like baby blue, peach pink, or even mint green are ideal for a spring wedding if you’re plus size. You might be tempted to wear dark colors, but even these shades are flattering for plus-size women, depending on how you create your outfit silhouette. 

And for your spring attire color palette, here’s what color to wear to a spring wedding



Was this attire guide helpful? You just learned what to wear to a spring wedding plus size, depending on the dress code, venue, spring colors, spring weather, and what’s flattering for plus size body types. 

Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and wear pastels or fitted outfits. You can also check what to wear to a wedding if you are plus size for more tips. 

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