How To Plan A Baby Shower: Complete Checklist

Anyone can quickly learn how to plan a baby shower by simplifying it into five steps. This guide is the ultimate checklist for throwing the best baby shower stress-free. 

We will discuss everything from planning the budget, concept, things you’ll need, and what to do at the event. And once everything is settled, here’s when to send out baby shower invites

how to plan a baby shower


Everything To Know On How To Plan A Baby Shower


Step 1. Pick a date and time for the baby shower

  • The first step in planning a baby shower is picking the date and time for the event
  • Most baby showers are done on the weekends to accommodate the guests who might have tight schedules, and compared to any other type of party; the baby shower can happen around lunchtime
  • Avoid choosing a holiday or weekday for the baby shower as some people might be unavailable to attend; do not also pick a date that’s the same as another family friend’s important event 
  • After having the schedule for the baby shower, you can send the invitations to the guests to secure your guest list 


Step 2. Set a budget and determine who to invite to the baby shower

  • After the baby shower date, you’ll plan the budget for the party, as this will also help you choose the size of the guest list you can accommodate
  • The more guests you have, the higher budget you’ll need for the menu, games, and everything else you need for the shower
  • People vary in the things they consider when determining a budget they’re willing to spend for a one-time event; however, you can always modify some shower elements like the venue and menu to fit your budget
  • The guests to invite to the baby shower are no longer limited to the mom’s close female family and friends; nowadays, you’ll also ask the close people to the dad


Step 3. Pick a baby shower venue

  • Once you have the guest list size, you can pick a suitable venue to accommodate this number of people
  • The type of event you want to have can also inspire the venue you’ll pick 
  • Consider your budget when picking a place for the baby shower; for example, backyard showers will mean you don’t need to spend on the place itself but focus on the decorations instead
  • Remember to pick a location that’s convenient for your guests 


Step 4. Plan the baby shower theme and decorations

  • Baby showers are usually held in the third trimester of pregnancy, so picking the theme for the party can be inspired by the baby’s gender
  • Alternatively, it’s also possible to have a gender-neutral shower and select themes that would fit both a boy or a girl 
  • Keep the venue and budget in mind when creating your checklist for the decorations
  • You can always be practical and opt for multi-use decors; for example, your cupcake table will not only be served but also act as a decorative point in the baby shower 


Step 5. Decide on the baby shower activities

  • Finally, you must list the games and all the things you expect to do at the baby shower
  • You can always have games like charades or have a simple party where guests mingle over hors d’oeuvres 
  • Don’t forget that baby showers are held to celebrate the mom and her baby, so include the opening of gifts in the activities to do at the event
  • You can also do creative activities like crafts at the baby shower 
  • For those who prefer something more laidback, the host can also make a presentation where guests close to the couple share their childhood memories or talk about parenthood 

Please understand what a baby shower is to help create your baby shower activity checklist. 


How Early Should You Start Planning A Baby Shower?

The baby shower hosts can start planning the party during the mom’s second trimester. The extravagance of the event will also dictate how early you should prepare, especially if you need to book a particular venue and acquire certain things like seasonal flowers for the decorations or a famous baker for the baby shower cake. 


Who Is Responsible For Planning The Baby Shower?

The baby shower is planned by someone close to the couple. It can be one of their siblings, parents, or close friends. 

Interestingly, baby showers back in the day were thrown by people not very close to the parents-to-be. This is because they’re trying to avoid the public assumption that they want gifts for themselves. 


What Is The Average Cost Of A Baby Shower?

The type of party determines the cost of the baby shower. But on average, people can spend between $100 to $1,000 for their baby showers

It’s up to you how much you will spend for the one-time event. You can always modify the decorations, venue, and other things to fit your budget. 


Do You Open Gifts Or Eat First At A Baby Shower?

There’s no rule on which activity goes first at a baby shower, as some people simultaneously open gifts while serving food. However, presents are usually spread by the end of the shower for etiquette.



Was this list helpful? The short version of how to plan a baby shower starts with setting the date, budget, guest size, venue, theme, and activities. 

It’s essential to keep your budget and guest list in mind to avoid overspending. And, of course, decorate according to what you think fits the theme best, even for gender-neutral parties. 

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