What Color To Wear To A Spring Wedding

The answer to what color to wear to a spring wedding can be inspired by the season itself. Spring weddings usually follow themes related to the colorful flowers in season. 

Therefore, spring wedding guest attire is bright and colorful compared to neutral and dark themes seen in other types of weddings. We will provide specific spring outfit ideas for wedding guests, and feel free to read what to wear to a spring wedding

what color to wear to a spring wedding


Spring Wedding Outfit Guide: What Color To Wear To A Spring Wedding

For wedding guests attending spring weddings, you can take colors in the venue as inspiration for your wedding guest attire. What color is seen in the garden wedding, or what are the colors in season?

The best colors to wear for a spring wedding include pink, green, yellow, blue, purple, red, and even pastels. You can even wear florals and patterns as long as they aren’t too eye-catching that you’re taking the attention away from the bride and groom. 

The safest colors as soft hues and pastels because they suit the usual romantic theme in spring weddings. You can even try unique colors like mauve, taupe, coral, and light gray for a spring wedding if they suit the event’s theme. 


Spring wedding outfit ideas for guests

  • Pastel-colored midi dress
  • Floral jumpsuit
  • Baby blue suit 
  • Light brown jacket
  • Shoes, bags, belts, ties, and coverups in colors inspired by the flowers in the season


What Color Should You Not Wear To A Spring Wedding?

While the spring wedding allows for various colorful ideas to wear as a wedding guest, you should still practice good etiquette when planning what you’ll wear to a spring wedding. Even though you might consider a shade or tone a spring color, you should assess if it belongs to wedding colors. 

  • Bright colors are acceptable to wear to a spring wedding, but make sure your outfit would not be a stark contrast with the wedding theme
  • Avoid very bold hues that will make you stand out as a wedding guest
  • Know the color that the wedding party is wearing to the spring wedding so you can avoid it
  • White and similar colors are traditionally reserved for the bride
  • Most spring weddings happen during the daytime, so dark colors and jewel tones like burgundy or emerald green may not suit the spring wedding
  • Dark neutrals are usually more appropriate for a fall or winter wedding, but they can also be worn to a black-tie indoor and evening spring weddings 
  • Do not wear very saturated hues and introduce different colors in your outfit
  • Familiarize yourself with the culture and tradition of the couple as some wedding colors might be inappropriate to wear

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Can I Wear Green To A Spring Wedding?

One of the best colors to wear to a spring wedding is green. You can choose from different shades and tones to suit the spring wedding’s time, formality, and venue. 

Green is also a spring color as plants are more vibrant during this season. Pairing green with other spring colors like blue or pink should be easy to elevate your style. 


Is It Okay To Wear Black To A Spring Wedding?

You can wear black to a spring wedding, but combining it with pastels and other vibrant hues is better. Instead of being the main outfit color of your wedding guest attire, you can use it for your pants or shoes. 

Note that black is sometimes among the wedding colors avoided in some ceremonies because it’s related to grief and bad luck. Therefore, ask the couple or anyone close to them if you’re considering a black outfit to wear to a spring wedding. 


Can I Wear White With Floral To A Spring Wedding?

Florals are one of the best patterns to wear at spring weddings. But since white is considered a bridal color, it’s often avoided. 

So if you have a white outfit with a floral pattern, can you still wear it to a spring wedding? The answer is yes because the white is hidden by the other colors in the floral design. 

Just check if your dress looks bridal, meaning it’s puffy or has details like lace and tulle, as it would be disrespectful to wear something that looks like a wedding dress. 


Can You Wear Velvet To A Spring Wedding?

Besides knowing what colors to wear to a spring wedding, you should select the dress materials appropriate for this season and weather. For example, the velvet will feel too heavy for a typical spring wedding. 

Instead, opt for light fabrics like chiffon, especially for an outdoor afternoon spring wedding. Otherwise, velvet can be appropriate for a black-tie indoor wedding because of its formal and luxurious appeal. 



And that’s it! You just learned what color to wear to a spring wedding, which can be anything bright and vivid inspired by the flowers in season. 

Think of pastel hues and colors like green, blue, and pink. Florals are also especially appropriate for spring wedding guest attire. 

Let us know below which of these colors you like best. 

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