What To Wear To A Spring Wedding: Best Outfit Ideas

Read this guide on what to wear to a spring wedding that discusses style guides for female and male guests. We will also talk about the best colors for this season while still being wedding-appropriate. 

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what to wear to a spring wedding


Ideas For Guests On What To Wear To A Spring Wedding


Female guests

Attending a spring wedding as a female guest means you have an array of spring dresses to choose from. Think of flowy midi dresses with exciting patterns that are still subtle enough to stay respectful to the bride. 

And because spring weddings often take advantage of the flowers in bloom, you will often attend one that’s held in a garden. Consider adding a shawl or wearing a cardigan with your outfit to stay comfortable outdoors. 

You can also wear a dressy jumpsuit or combine a skirt and a top if you prefer them over dresses. But, of course, you don’t want to look casual for the wedding, so consider an outfit that is still formal and not tacky or too revealing. 


Male guests

If you’re a male guest at a spring wedding, you can experiment with matching different pants to tops. Check the dress code regarding the formality, and assume that sportswear would be inappropriate for a wedding. 

Some attractive style options for male guests attending a spring wedding include pairing a button-down shirt with dress pants or a polo shirt with khakis. If the event is more formal, you can also wear a suit, then wear an interesting but not too-eyecatching design for your tie. 

You can pair a white tee with a neutral-colored blazer or suit with matching pants for semi-formal dress codes. And for the shoes, you can never go wrong with a brown leather pair. 


Best colors to wear to a spring wedding

Some of the best colors to consider when deciding what to wear to a spring wedding include pastels, neutrals, light colors, or even bright tones reminiscent of the flowers in bloom. 

Patterns like floral and dots are also acceptable. However, the emphasis is necessary on creating an outfit that won’t take the attention away from the bride and groom.

You should also apply basic wedding etiquette such as avoiding wearing white that is usually reserved for the bride and ensuring that you’re not wearing the wedding party’s colors. On the other hand, black can be acceptable for a spring wedding as long as it’s not the single color of your outfit. 


What Do You Wear To Your Spring Wedding



Brides can consider a wedding gown or dress with floral lace to pay homage to the spring season. In addition, her dress can have intricate embroidery, appliques, and other embellishments that would remind you of spring itself. 

The weather during spring is even ideal for a long-sleeved gown with vine and floral details. As for the color, the bride can opt for a traditional white wedding dress, but soft pinks, blues, and purples are also appropriate for a spring wedding. 

And when it comes to accessories, you can consider a shorter veil with a flower crown. It can be composed of your favorite flowers that follow the wedding’s color palette. 



The groom has many colors to choose from for his spring wedding attire. Some of them include gray, blue, and of course, neutral colors like tan or brown to complement the bride. 

You can opt for a lighter jacket or coat for comfort and style, depending on the weather. Waistcoats would also look well for a spring wedding groom. 

The groom can still introduce interesting colors like red or green on his outfit, whether in his tie or inner shirt. But, of course, don’t forget the boutonniere and take advantage of the spring flowers. 


What Do You Wear To A 5 PM Spring Wedding?

Springtime can get chilly, especially when it’s around 5 pm. If you expect the wedding to be held during this time, it’s best to bring something you can wear with your outfit for layering.

Opt for a shawl, blazer, or a simple cardigan to pair with your dress. Male guests can also layer their outfits with jackets for a 5 pm spring wedding. 

However, remember that you still want dressy coverage for the wedding. Avoid casual-looking jackets and coats, but be careful with eyecatching colors, so you don’t stand out. 


Can I Wear Pants To A Spring Wedding?

There are no rules prohibiting guests from wearing pants to a spring wedding. Pants can even feel more comfortable since spring can get windy and cold. 

However, please still follow the dress code and avoid pants like jeans, which are more casual. You shouldn’t also wear cargo pants or other inappropriate pants for a formal or semi-formal affair. 

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We hope this helped plan your attire! We just discussed what to wear to a spring wedding and discovered that flowy dresses, jumpsuits, and floral patterns are acceptable for female guests. 

On the other hand, male guests can consider a buttoned shirt and dress pants or khakis with a polo. And since spring can be breezy, don’t forget to bring a shawl or jacket to stay comfortable. 


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