What To Wear To A Wedding If You Are Plus Size

If you want to know what to wear to a wedding if you are plus size, there are three tips to consider when creating a wedding guest attire that will flatter you best. We’ll help you follow the dress code, find the best color and silhouette for your body type, and also ensure that you’ll be comfortable at the event. 

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what to wear to a wedding if you are plus size


What To Wear To A Wedding If You Are Plus Size: Dos And Don’ts Of Plus Size Wedding Guest Attire


Check the dress code for the wedding 

Whether you are plus size or not, it’s crucial to check the wedding invitation for the dress code. You want to look appropriate and match the wedding’s formality or theme. 

For example, will it be a black-tie affair or a more laid-back type of wedding? Knowing the dress code beforehand will help prevent you from getting overwhelmed in choosing an outfit from your closet. 

You’ll also know if you must dress up or down. And if you need other specific clothing pieces or accessories for the wedding theme, you can easily buy them on time before the wedding day. 


Wear flattering silhouettes and colors

The secret to knowing what to wear to a wedding includes identifying what is flattering to a plus-size person. For starters, some silhouettes will highlight your curves beautifully and colors that are slimming and flattering. 

Some dresses that will flatter you as a plus-size include A-line, empire, and peplum. A-line and empire dresses will suit a formal wedding, while a peplum dress will look nice for a semi-formal or casual wedding. 

If you don’t like wearing dresses, you can also consider a jumpsuit or combine pants with a blouse. The secret is creating a fit and flare silhouette, so your waist is highlighted because it’s fitted from the bust to the waist before it flares out. 

This shape will highlight a feminine figure, and bottom or mid-section heavy individuals can minimize the attention on these areas. Then for plus-size men, select an outfit that is not too fit, so the bulges are not highlighted, but also not too loose that you look larger than you are. 

As for the flattering colors to wear for plus size attending a wedding, you can never go wrong with dark colors such as black, navy blue, dark green, or brown. They are also wedding-appropriate compared to the colors you shouldn’t wear to a wedding


Do not overlook comfort

Comfort is crucial to feel and look your best when attending a wedding. This means having the outfit tailored to you if needed not to feel too tight. You can also have the dress or clothing piece altered if the length is inconvenient, especially to an outdoor wedding where the seam can catch on different things. 

Then, consider the season and time of the wedding and decide on the layers and materials of what you’ll wear. For example, will you need to wear or bring a jacket or cardigan for the chilly weather, or must you wear breathable fabrics like cotton because of the heat?

Don’t forget your shoes as well because you’ll be walking and standing a lot at a wedding. Plus-size individuals who want to wear heels can consider the kitten heel because it’s more comfortable for heavy-set body types than other types where you might feel discomfort on your feet and legs. 


What Should Plus-Size Wedding Guests Not Wear?

  • Don’t wear an outfit that doesn’t follow the dress code
  • Avoid monochromatic color schemes for the outfit
  • Avoid a straight or flat silhouette; instead, choose a fitted and flaring shape for the outfit and introduce other items, materials, and colors to the overall styling
  • Opt for other colors besides white and related shades as they are reserved for the bride
  • Do not wear super tall heels if it’s going to be an outdoor wedding
  • Avoid revealing outfits to maintain modesty as a wedding guest
  • Avoid the colors that the wedding party will wear
  • Choose breathable fabrics for comfort and avoid overheating, especially during the summer months
  • Don’t use very eye-catching jewelry pieces


What Kind Of Wedding Dress Is Flattering For Plus-Size?

If you’re a plus-size bride, choose a wedding dress where the skirt falls outward like an A-line silhouette from the upper waist down. This will hide the stomach region if it’s your least favorite part and give an illusion of a slimmer and somewhat hourglass figure. 

It would also help select wedding dresses that aren’t too voluminous despite the belief that you want more coverup if you’re plus-size and want to hide bulges. For example, a tea-length wedding dress with a flaring skirt is more ideal than a ball gown. 

Asymmetrical or off-shoulder necklines are also flattering for most heavy-set brides. And for sleeves, consider a lace ¾ length to slim the arms. 

Read what to wear under a wedding dress for tips to get the most out of your dress. 



And that’s it! To recap what to wear to a wedding if you are plus size, consider the dress code, choose flattering colors and silhouettes, and don’t overlook comfort. 

This means maintaining modesty, trying dark colors and fit-and-flare silhouettes, and dressing according to the wedding venue and season. Let us know below what you’d wear to a wedding. 

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