What To Write In A Baby Shower Book

Those unsure what to write in a baby shower book can simply send a short message to show your love to the parents or their baby. A baby shower book is something the family can enjoy, and whatever you’ll write on it should be something that reflects your love and excitement for this new chapter in their lives. 

We’ll discuss specific ideas of what to write on the book, which you can use on any gift you bring to the baby shower. And speaking of gifts, would you also like to know how much to spend on a baby shower gift?

what to write in a baby shower book


What To Write In A Baby Shower Book: Best Messages

The baby shower book is a gift for the baby, so most messages written by friends and family who brought one should be something directed to the little one. Therefore, show your love for the baby in a personal but concise message. 

Here are some specific ideas for your baby shower book or any type of gift brought to the baby shower. We’ve also included messages you can direct to the parents, mom-to-be, or dad-to-be if you prefer showing your support for this new chapter in their lives: 


Personal messages to the parent/parents of the baby:

  • Congratulations [parent name]! I remember this was our favorite childhood book, so I hope your little one also enjoys this amazing story. 
  • I can’t believe you are now parents! May your little angel enjoy this gift. With love, [your name]
  • This book has inspired me to become the man/woman I am now. I hope this brings inspiration to your baby as well!


Baby shower book messages from parents or grandparents

  • Such a lucky baby to have you [parents’ name] as their parents. Know that we’re always here if you need us, Mom and Dad
  • We love you and can’t wait to meet your baby boy/girl soon. Love, grandma, and grandpa
  • Welcome to the world, little one! We can’t wait to meet you. 


Baby shower book messages from aunts or uncles

  • Hello little prince/princess. This is from your favorite aunt/uncle. Love, [your name]
  • Sweet little angel, remind me to tell you about your mom/dad when you’re older
  • Can’t wait to go on adventures with my favorite niece/nephew


Baby shower book messages from family friends

  • We can’t wait to meet you little one! I’m your mom/dad’s best friend, making me your best friend!
  • Here’s my favorite book to my favorite godchild
  • This book is from your favorite godparent. With love, [your name]


What Are Baby Shower Books?

A baby shower book is among the best gifts you can bring to a baby shower. It’s a book suitable for a child, usually between 0 to 5 years old. 

You can include a sweet message when you bring the baby shower book, and it can be directed to the baby with love. You can also have messages to the parents, mainly to show that you’re excited about their journey to parenthood. 

The best baby shower books include puzzle, picture, and flip books. Their stories and content are not complex as they’re for a child. 

If you’re close to the parents or have a close role with the baby, you can always pick a sentimental baby book. It might be something that shaped your childhood or one of your favorite books to read to your own kids. 


Should you wrap a baby shower book?

You can always wrap your baby shower book as it’s a gift. Pick the colors and designs inspired by the baby shower theme, or opt for pastels, commonly seen in baby showers. 


Where to write in a baby shower book

You can write your messages to the parents or baby inside the baby shower book cover. Some friends and family members even make it more sentimental by incorporating their messages throughout the pictures and words inside the book. 

This creates an interactive experience for the baby and the parents as they go through pages. Some books also have empty pages if you want to write something longer. 


How Long Should The Baby Shower Book Be?

A baby shower book is usually around 32 pages or fewer. This is expected with children’s books, especially those aimed at readers between ages 0 to 3. 

For example, board books with ten or fewer pages are the most popular baby shower book brought as gifts. They are made from thick cardboard, so they can withstand the wear from being treated as toys by the baby. 

But if you want to give the baby something more informative, picture books for ages 3 to 8 are usually between 32 to 56 pages. They have around 100 words meant to engage young kids. 


How Much Should I Spend On The Baby Shower Book?

A baby shower book can cost around $20, depending on the type of children’s book. And for baby shower gifts, guests typically spend about $50, but it can be higher if they’re capable or close to the parents. 



And that’s it! To recap what to write in a baby shower book, it’s a short message for the baby or parents to show your love. 

It’s a simple way to personalize your baby shower gift. And for parents planning the party, please know when to send out baby shower invites so guests can prepare their gifts. 

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