What To Pack For A Wedding Weekend: Ultimate List

You must know what to pack for a wedding weekend as the couple and wedding weekend guest. We will provide a checklist of what to pack to ensure that you won’t forget anything for the weeklong celebration.

A wedding weekend is a longer celebration than a single-day wedding, so there are items you must bring to be ready for all the activities. And for the big day, brides and grooms can also read what am I forgetting for my wedding.

what to pack for a wedding weekend


Checklist Of What To Pack For A Wedding Weekend

Before anything else, what is a wedding weekend? A wedding weekend typically refers to a three-day or more extended celebration before the wedding on the weekend. 

The events to expect include a welcome party and rehearsal dinner before the wedding and a wedding send-off after the big day, typically a brunch.  There are also activities, parties, get-togethers, and even free time in between these events to get the most of the location since wedding weekends are usually destination weddings. 


As a couple

Now that you know what is a wedding weekend, here is what to pack as a couple. These are items you’ll need for a wedding overnight bag but more because of the longer celebration:

  • Marriage license and other legalities 
  • Vendor information, contracts, and contact
  • Wedding bands and ring box
  • Wedding vow copies
  • Wedding weekend timeline and itinerary
  • Wedding decors and elements that you’ve DIY (e.g., cake topper or wedding favors)
  • Wedding stationery


As the bride

Separately, the couple must know what to pack for a wedding weekend for their personal needs. Here is the bridal list:

  • Bridal attire and accessories
  • Wedding shoes
  • Wedding makeup
  • Wedding jewelry 
  • Heirlooms and other special items you’ll use at your wedding 
  • Wedding undergarments
  • Wedding bag with the emergency kit or read what does a bride needs on her wedding day 
  • Outfits and needs for other events such as the welcome party, rehearsal dinner, and send-off brunch
  • Gift and card for the groom


As the groom

The groom will also pack personal items for the wedding weekend. You must remember to prepare them beforehand to avoid forgetting them, especially if you’ll have the shower or bachelor party close to the wedding weekend. 

  • Wedding day attire and accessories
  • Toiletries
  • Gift and card for the bride
  • Wedding groom emergency kit
  • Change of clothes and shoes
  • Toiletries
  • Gifts for the groomsmen 


What Do You Bring To A Wedding Weekend As A Guest?


Wedding party

If you’re the maid of honor or a bridesmaid, you will need these items for the wedding weekend:

  • Clothes for the events
  • Bridesmaid/maid of honor attire, jewelry, and shoes
  • Bridesmaid corsage or bouquet
  • Bridal emergency kit (for the maid of honor)
  • Speech or toast copy (for the maid of honor)
  • Copy of the wedding reading if you’re part of the ceremony
  • Wedding morning preparation robe or outfits that the bride may have selected

For the groomsmen and the best man himself, here is the checklist of what to pack for a wedding weekend:

  • Clothes for the events
  • Groomsman/ best man attire, jewelry, and shoes
  • Groomsman boutonnieree
  • Speech or toast copy (for the best man)
  • Copy of the wedding reading if you’re part of the ceremony


Wedding weekend guests

Guests attending wedding weekends should also remember what to bring: 

  • Wedding attire and outfits for the other events
  • Personal essentials like toiletries, phone, and money
  • Passport and other travel needs like boarding passes, hotel reservations, and travel information
  • Change of clothes and coverups
  • Bags with emergency kit such as medicine and items for touch-ups
  • Wedding invitation


What To Pack For The Night Before The Wedding?

Besides knowing what to pack for a wedding weekend, the couple must also know the items to bring for the night before the wedding:

  • Accommodation information and needs
  • Toiletries
  • Wedding night lingerie and change of clothes
  • Outfit for the next day
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Skincare 
  • Makeup bag
  • Items for touch-ups
  • Medicine kit
  • A bottle of bubbly
  • Personal essentials like your phone and wallet 
  • Paperwork for the wedding
  • Cash payments on envelopes, including tips
  • Gifts for the wedding party
  • Check your wedding attire and rings

Here is also what to do on your wedding night


Do You Need A Bag On Your Wedding Day?

It’s up to the bride or groom if they want to bring a bag on their wedding day. The groom can also just utilize the pockets on his suit and pants since he’s unlikely to need other items. 

However, both the bride and groom can also have attendants who can bring a wedding day emergency kit. This bag can have medicines, touch-up items, and a mini sewing kit for potential random wedding day issues.

If you want to carry your phone and wallet with you, the bride can use a fitting bridal clutch or purse that matches her outfit. The groom can also take a small bag, but remember these bags as you might misplace them with all the activities at the reception. 



Was this list helpful? To recap what to pack for a wedding weekend, they are the wedding legalities, travel and accommodation information, wedding weekend schedule, and personal items for the bride, groom, and guests. 

It would be best to consider checking everything before traveling and leaving home to avoid forgetting a potential essential. In addition, the couple usually provides information for the wedding weekend on their website, so read that as well. 

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