What Am I Forgetting For My Wedding: 7 Things

You might be unsure of what am I forgetting for my wedding, so please list these seven things to avoid any setbacks on your big day. Unfortunately, brides and grooms often overlook these because of the demanding and overwhelming tasks that lead up to their wedding day. 

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what am i forgetting for my wedding


7 Common Things You Might Forget For Your Wedding 


Venue and reception wedding details

  • Consider the transportation for your guests; for example, if it’s a destination wedding, how will the wedding guests go from their hotel to your wedding venue; then, how will everyone transfer from the wedding ceremony venue to the wedding reception?
  • Prepare for potential issues such as unpredictable weather conditions in the wedding venue; if it’s an outdoor wedding, do you have tents to protect the guests, decors, and tech equipment?
  • For some wedding venues, make sure that the guests have accessible parking areas and bathrooms; here is how much it costs to rent a porta potty for a wedding if needed
  • If you’re having an evening wedding but not in a hall, you must have a plan for the lighting system for comfort and visibility, especially in wedding photos
  • Outdoor weddings must plan for the outlets and electricity sources, especially for the wedding band 
  • Don’t forget to talk with the wedding venue regarding the clean-up after the ceremony and reception; some venues might offer a clean-up team, or you may need to hire separate people for the after-wedding clean-up


Essentials for the big day

  • Brides and grooms tend to forget two things that they assume they won’t: phone, cash, and ID
  • With the many responsibilities and things to prepare like the wedding outfits before the wedding, it’s not unlikely for the bride or groom to realize that they left essential items like their phone in their home
  • When preparing the night before the wedding, make sure that you have your wallet and phone beside your bag 
  • Don’t assume that you also don’t need an ID or some cash with you, especially if the wedding is out of town 


Letter for the groom/letter for the bride

  • To keep wedding jitters at bay, don’t forget to reassure each other on the morning of the wedding
  • It’s customary for the bride and groom to exchange letters delivered to their rooms while they’re preparing for the ceremony
  • Do not forget this personalized message for your partner to maintain the excitement and keep cool before everything starts
  • Brides can refer to what to say to the groom on the wedding day if they don’t know how to start


Gift coordinator 

  • Besides the wedding pack-up to clean the venue and reception, don’t forget to assign someone that will collect your wedding gifts
  • At some weddings, the bride and groom receive monetary gifts, or they’ll dedicate a table for their wedding gifts
  • With the many responsibilities of the day, you might forget about collecting these gifts, so find someone you can entrust with these items and have them deliver them to your home once you return


Gratuity for vendors

  • Some wedding vendors may not include the gratuity fee on their contracts, so as common courtesy, prepare the envelopes with tips to give to your vendors
  • Assign someone to manage the tips and give them to the vendors; the wedding coordinator may also be responsible for this task 


Clothes you would change in

  • You don’t need to wear the same outfit from your wedding ceremony to the reception; since shoes, wedding gowns, and suits can get uncomfortable, don’t forget to bring a set of clothes
  • Have your maid of honor or best man help you with the change of clothes or have them keep the pieces for you so you won’t forget


Food to eat while preparing for the wedding

  • Brides and grooms likely forget to bring snacks and water when preparing for the wedding
  • Always keep snacks like chips and a bottle of water in your bag to keep you from being hangry
  • Often, you won’t have time to really eat with the many wedding duties  


What Should You Not Forget At A Wedding?

  • Wedding outfits and the proper undergarments
  • Wedding rings
  • Wedding gift to your partner
  • Letter to your partner
  • Marriage license
  • Payment and tips
  • Kit with snacks, some medicines, and items for freshening up
  • Keys and cards for the accommodations and transport


What Do I Need To Remember For My Wedding?


The wedding timeline

Familiarize yourself with the wedding schedule to avoid issues with the time for the different wedding elements. 


Vows and readings

Bring a copy of your vows and other readings if you get nervous. 


Photoshoot sessions

Know the schedule of different photo sessions throughout the day.


Gifts for the wedding party

Bring your gifts for the wedding party to show your gratitude for their help.


Gratuity fees

Clarify the tips for the vendors with your wedding coordinator. 


Vendor contact sheet

Know who to contact for the different wedding elements. 



And that’s it! To recap what am I forgetting for my wedding, they include a contingency plan for the venue, basic essentials like your phone and wallet, vendor tips, partner’s letter, gift coordinator, change of clothes, and snacks. 

We hope this guide helps you prepare; let us know below if something’s missing from this list. 

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