Where To Buy Wine For A Wedding: Best Prices And Brands

Those who want to know where to buy wine for a wedding can consider five places. We’ll also share tips on the stores that offer special wines and affordable wines that you can get for your wedding. 

Buying wedding alcohol should not be stressful when you know how to find the best one. You can also read what is a good champagne for a wedding since a bottle of bubbly is always expected at toasts at weddings. 

where to buy wine for a wedding


Buying Wines For Weddings: Where To Buy Wine For A Wedding


Buy from a local wine shop

The first place where you can order wedding wines is at your local wine shop. The advantage of purchasing wedding wine at a local wine shop is you’re likely to get discounts, especially if you get cases of bottles. 

Weddings typically have red and white wines, so ordering at your local wine shop will typically guarantee a discount on the volume. However, note that some areas may offer wine at a higher price than others. 


Get wine from wholesale liquor shops

Consider a wholesale liquor store if you’re unsure where to buy wine for the wedding, especially for a big event. This will get you the best value for money than buying at smaller stores. 

You may even get some cashback as some stores have a return policy for unopened wine bottles. So if you’re having a big wedding that will need many wine bottles, opt for a wholesale liquor store. 


Wine retailers

Some weddings are small enough for couples to get decent and special wine bottles. You may also want to serve wedding alcohol from specific labels, and buying from wine retailers is the easiest way to get your desired wedding wine. 

There are places like Trader Joe’s and Costco that are easy to find in most states. You can also check Wine Insiders online if you want curated packs without breaking the bank. 


Order on online wine stores

Online wine stores are the most convenient way to buy and get wedding wine. However, weddings can get hectic, so there might be no time for you to visit stores. 

Some popular online stores for wine include NakedWines, Last Bottle, and Parcelle. NakedWines is ideal for couples who want to try independent winemakers, and you’re even buying them at a low cost since there are no markups involved as it’s a direct-to-consumer brand. 

Last Bottle, on the other hand, offers high discounts compared to retail prices, and there are even text alerts to notify you. And finally, Parcelle offers top-notch wine bottles and a hotline for your pairing questions, primarily if you’re serving wedding wine with your reception food. 


Bar or restaurants

Why not consider purchasing your wines at the restaurant that will cater for your wedding? You may even save costs since the vendor is the same. 

Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about the servers since the vendor will provide everything for the wedding bar and reception. Alternatively, those in New York can try Stranger Wines, which offers affordable bottles and sustainable wine brands. 


How Much Wine Do You Need For 100 Guests?

Purchasing alcohol for the wedding should be carefully planned to avoid going over your budget. So before you find a place to order wedding wines, know how much you’ll need in the first place. 

For 100 guests, keep in mind that a wine bottle can serve four glasses. And since guests tend to consume up to 40 glasses per hour at a wedding, then a 100-guest wedding can use as many as 10 wine bottles per hour. 

However, take note of the other alcoholic drinks you’ll serve. Some guests might also not drink at the wedding. 

Remember to count one wine bottle per two people every two hours. For example, the wedding reception can last four hours, but wine might also be served during cocktail hour


What Is The Best Wine For A Wedding?

The most famous wines to buy for a wedding include red wine and rosé wines. The former is a crowd favorite, especially for partnering with the wedding dinner. 

Rosé wine, on the other hand, will be perfect for outdoor weddings, especially as a summer drink. It’s also easy to pair with most cuisines. 

Here are tips for choosing the best wedding wine:

  • Consider your budget
  • Use the wedding season and venue as inspiration
  • Know how you’ll use the wine (e.g., toasting, eating, partying)


How Much Should You Spend On Wine For A Wedding?

You are looking to spend between $3,000 to over $9,000 on the wine at your wedding. Of course, this assumes that you’ll need more than 100 bottles, and you’re buying an average of $70 per bottle. 

However, please never go over 20% of your wedding budget for alcohol. 


When Should I Buy Wine For My Wedding?

You can order the wines for the wedding as early as a month in advance. Then, store them nicely before the wedding, and remember to ask the venue if they’ll have a corkage fee. 



Was this guide helpful? To recap where to buy wine for a wedding, you can try a local store, wholesale shop, retailer, online store, or from a bar or restaurant. 

We hope this list provided what you want and you can buy the wines you need for your wedding at a reasonable price. 

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