What Does A Bride Need On Her Wedding Day: 4 Things

Those who want to know what does a bride need on her wedding day can consider four categories of items for the bridal kit. Brides must have these things to ensure that the wedding will be comfortable and stress-free, so maid of honors, take out your pen and paper and start listing!

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what does a bride need on her wedding day


What A Bride Needs: The Ultimate Bride Checklist


  • Essentials for wedding day comfort

Every bride should feel comfortable on her wedding day, so bring items that will prevent discomfort. Start with a change of shoes, especially if the bride will wear heels during the ceremony. 

She can change to a more comfortable pair of shoes at the reception, especially if she goes dancing. Some other clothing items for comfort that the bride must have are a shawl or a jacket for the evening when it gets colder. 

Then, you can also add a medicine kit to the bride’s bag for easy access. It contains medications for headaches, nausea, diarrhea, and even items like bandaids if she needs them. 


  • Items to stay fresh

A bride needs on her wedding day items that would help her stay confident. Think of what you can use to freshen up or do some touch-ups if needed. 

They are perfume, deodorant, breath freshener spray, stain remover, and makeup. You can also include hairspray, eyelash glue, and skincare items like a facial mist or lip balm. 

Remember that the wedding day can take several hours, and the bride will eventually need something for touch-ups and quickly freshen up to mingle with different guests. So don’t forget these items if you’re the maid of honor tasked to hold the bridal kit. 


  • Repairs and bridal accessories to look your best

Besides makeup for touch-ups, we can’t assume that the bride won’t need things for her outfit’s touch-ups. So remember to bring a sewing kit and other accessories that the seamstress might’ve recommended for the bustle

You also want accessories such as an extra pair of earrings, maybe a necklace more suitable for the reception, a bracelet, or even a hair accessory if the bride wants to switch to another hairstyle. Then, you can bring things for quick repairs like pins and clothing tape. 

Don’t hesitate to include boob tape, pasties, and hairpins. Every bride will appreciate a quick solution to a random problem that may arise, like a wardrobe malfunction. 


  • Snacks for the wedding day

And, of course, we all know the term “hangry.” So to avoid having the bride in a bad mood, keep some snacks in her bridal kit that she can quickly have in between random times throughout the day. 

Often, the bride and groom have no time to eat on their wedding day. This is because they have many responsibilities and mingle with their guests.

The bride will surely appreciate snacks like candy bars, nuts, or even chips in her kit. Just make sure to bring napkins too so she can quickly clean her fingers or lips. 


What Things Does A Bride Need On Her Wedding Day?

Besides the bridal survival kit mentioned above, every bride must complete this checklist on her wedding day:

  • Bridal veil (i.e., if the bride wants to wear one)
  • Hair accessories (e.g., comb, hair clip, headband, crown, ribbon)
  • Proper undergarments for the bridal gown; here is what to wear under a wedding dress for more tips
  • Clothing tape for added garment security
  • Wrap/shawl/jacket/bolero/kimono
  • Bridal garter (e.g., one for the garter toss and one for keeps)
  • Heirloom or tribute to a loved one who passed away
  • Copy of vows if needed
  • Wedding program
  • Pocket mirror
  • Phone


What Should Bride Do Before Her Wedding?

  • Have a final facial or a relaxing massage the week before your wedding 
  • On the night before the wedding day, make sure you have enough sleep
  • On the day before a wedding day, do a final check-up with your maid of honor, wedding coordinator, and of course, your partner, regarding the needs for the event
  • Don’t forget to reassure your partner and maintain the excitement for the wedding to alleviate nerves
  • Layout your bridal wear and accessories
  • Ask your parents or friends with a model relationship for advice if you’re feeling overwhelmed
  • Eat on the morning of the wedding day to avoid feeling hangry later on
  • Check the security of your wedding attire
  • Wear a bandaid on your feet or use foam and protectors to make your bridal shoes more comfortable
  • Have fun with your bridal party during the wedding hair and makeup session
  • Send the groom a letter and a gift
  • Have a photoshoot for the first look
  • Rehearse and read the wedding vows


What Do Most Brides Forget?

  • Enlist someone to overlook the wedding day responsibilities
  • Check the comfort of the wedding shoes
  • Prepare a budget for tips
  • Have a plan for potential issues regarding the weather or guest transportation
  • Wedding pack-up



And that’s it! To recap what does a bride need on her wedding day, consider comfort essentials, items to freshen up, a repair kit, and snacks. 

It’s essential to have these four groups of items in the bridal kit to ensure that she’ll feel at ease on her wedding day. We hope this was a helpful list; let us know below if we forgot an essential bridal item. 

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