What To Do On Your Wedding Night: What To Expect

If you’re running out of ideas on what to do on your wedding night, consider three romantic and intimate ideas. The wedding night is the first night of your marriage and being as a husband and wife, so understandably, couples get overwhelmed with what they must do on this night. 

However, do you know that the wedding night does not always mean you have to have sex? We will discuss the alternatives, but you’ll also learn tips on making your wedding night extra alluring if you and your partner decide to get intimate. 

what to do on your wedding night

Start with this guide on what to wear on your wedding night, then read below:


What Do Newlyweds Do On Wedding Night


Get intimate and make the wedding night extra romantic

  • Historically speaking, couples have sex on their wedding night or perform consummation as a way to “finalize their union”; in some traditions, friends and families are even invited to witness the newlyweds’ consummation to endorse their marriage
  • Of course, nowadays, privacy is valued, and it wouldn’t be comfortable to have people watch you and your spouse get intimate; but still, your wedding night is probably the first night you genuinely have to yourselves after all the events and stress before the wedding
  • Some couples also value celibacy, and they’ll only perform sexual acts after marriage; if both you and your partner feel like it’s the best time to get intimate on your wedding night, be sure that you’re prepared for it to make the experience more enjoyable, sentimental, and romantic
  • Consider trying on flattering, sexy lingerie for the bride or underwear for the groom; select an outfit that makes you feel confident and you also think is alluring for your partner
  • Select materials that feel good to the skin, and don’t forget to also freshen up before going to be; there are many happenings on the wedding day, and a shower will help you feel more confident that you’ll smell good and seductive
  • If needed, research about sex or have a general idea of what you and your partner might both like if you haven’t experienced it yet; if you’ve had sex before, then you already know what would be enjoyable 
  • Consider trying sex fantasies with your partner as long as they’re consensual
  • Make the room more romantic with dim lighting, scented candles, and the classic rose petals on the bed
  • Play some romantic music and don’t forget to communicate with each other 


Make a relaxing wedding night

  • The perfect wedding night is not limited to being intimate and having sex together; you can also be romantic and intimate while relaxing instead
  • Nowadays, it’s not even typical for couples to have sex on their wedding night because of how tiring the different activities are throughout the day; if you think about it, you’ll feel and look your sexiest if you are well-rested and you have your honeymoon to get extra intimate with each other anyway
  • So what can you do on your wedding night to relax with your spouse? You can consider a spa or a relaxing room service at the hotel you’re staying after the wedding
  • If you want to make your partner feel more special, you can also give them the massage yourself as a surprise
  • Besides massage, you can also take a dip at the jacuzzi together, walk around the place together if it’s a destination wedding, or spend the night in bed talking and relaxing 


Indulge in the food you didn’t get to enjoy because of busyness

  • While the couple can choose to have a sweetheart table at the reception, likely, they don’t have much time to enjoy their food; remember that the reception is also a way to thank guests, mingle, and do photoshoots
  • Couples also often get a bigger table at the reception so they can sit with family and friends
  • So instead of having a wedding night sex that might not even feel romantic because of tiredness and hunger, consider indulging in good food and sleeping instead
  • Have your favorite meals delivered to your room and eat them in bed, or go to a restaurant and have a quiet dinner between the two of you
  • You can also order chocolates and champagne while relaxing in a bubble bath with your partner


What Is First Wedding Night Called?

There is no term for the first wedding night, but some correlate it to consummation because of traditions. However, remember that you don’t have to have sex on your first wedding night if you feel tired or are not in the mood. 

If your partner also says no, it’s best to offer alternative wedding night ideas. You can spend this night eating the food you didn’t get to enjoy or even sleep early to recover and face the following days as a newly-married couple. 


What To Do After Wedding Night?

  • Make sure all the paperwork and legalities for the marriage are settled
  • Make sure the wedding vendor contracts are handled
  • Pack and prepare for your honeymoon
  • Start writing and scheduling when to send wedding thank you cards 
  • Open wedding gifts
  • Plan the living arrangements and other changes in your lifestyle 



Was this guide helpful? To recap what to do on your wedding night, you can get intimate or spend it relaxing and eating if you feel tired and hungry. 

It’s perfectly okay not to have sex on your first night as a married couple because the wedding can feel exhausting. Instead, you can plan a more romantic night on your honeymoon after you’re well-rested. 

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