What Is A Good Champagne For A Wedding

We will provide examples of what is a good champagne for a wedding and how to choose the best sparkling wine for your wedding. Champagne is a classic wedding drink not just for bridal showers but also for the reception, so you should know what brands and types to get. 

And to further help you plan, we’ve included how to compute the number of champagne bottles to order for the wedding. You can also read how to decorate champagne glasses for a wedding to serve the best wedding champagne with class. 

what is a good champagne for a wedding


What Is A Good Champagne For A Wedding: How To Choose

The best champagne for weddings will depend on the couple’s preference, wedding theme and season, and how well they know their guests. What makes good champagne is that it should match the celebration and the people at the wedding. 

So if you’re looking for great champagne for your wedding, you can consider specific bottles such as the Moét Impérial or Nicolas Feuillatte Reserve Exclusive Rose. The former is classic champagne for weddings, while couples who prefer to toast with rosé will surely love the latter. 


How to choose the best champagne for weddings 

  • Know how you’ll use the champagne; will it be for the toast, cake-cutting, part of the wedding bar menu, or a unique wedding exit?
  • If you’re serving the champagne at the reception, consider what goes well with your menu 
  • Get an idea of the preferred type of champagne of your wedding guests to know how many varieties you’ll serve at the wedding 
  • Consider trying different champagnes before the wedding day with your partner or ask for recommendations from friends and family for the best champagnes they had at weddings


What Champagne Is Used At Weddings?


Blanc de noir

One of the best champagnes to serve at your wedding is the Blanc de noir. It is made of pinot noir grapes, ideal for people who want the taste of red fruit flavors for their sparkling wine. 



Another famous wedding champagne is the Rosato or sparkling rosé, as most people enjoy it. Furthermore, its full body makes it ideal for pairing with food so that it can be your top choice for the reception champagne. 


Blanc de blanc

If you want a light and delicate bubbly for your wedding, such as for toasts, you can consider Blanc de blanc. It also makes a fantastic pre-dinner drink, especially during the cocktail hour at a wedding


How Many Bottles Of Champagne Do I Need For 100 Wedding Guests?

Since the wedding champagne is usually for the wedding toast, you can use a formula where you’ll divide your guest number by six. So for a 100-guest wedding, you’ll need about 17 champagne bottles for the toast. 

This is assuming that most champagne bottles can serve six people. So you are also better off rounding the formula you’ll come up with. 

Of course, if you’ll have champagne for the other parts of the wedding, you’ll need more bottles. So consider that a guest can have one to two glasses, but compute for the other drinks. 


What Is The Best Champagne To Toast At A Wedding?

Choosing the wedding champagne for your toast depends on the type of wedding. For example, serving brut champagne would be safe for a big wedding since most guests will like it. 

Of course, if there are 100 guests or more, you don’t want to provide something too expensive or unusual. But, on the contrary, intimate weddings can mean serving something special or sentimental that you and your partner usually have for occasions. 

You can also check the dosage of the champagne since less dosage means drier wine. Therefore, you can also assess the sweetness of the champagne by checking the dosage on the bottle. 


What Is A Good Cheap Champagne For A Wedding?

You don’t need to spend too much on your wedding champagne. Some bottles only go for $13 to $20, such as the Segura Viudas Brut Reserva and NV Langlois-Chateau Cremant de Loire. 

You can also opt for other types of sparkling wine that some might say can’t be considered champagne. Regardless, you shouldn’t break your wedding budget with a very pricey bottle for the wedding toast. 


What Is The Best Sweet Champagne For A Wedding?

The  Billecart-Salmon Demi-Sec champagne is famous champagne for weddings because of its sweetness with apples, cream, and brioche notes. But if you want a sweet sparkling wine for food pairing at the reception, you can try the Laurent Perrier ‘Harmony’ Demi-Sec champagne. 

You can pair it with both sweet and savory dishes, including snacks. Then, for the wedding cake, try the Piper Heidsieck ‘Sublime’ Demi-Sec Champagne. 


Wine Or Champagne For A Wedding?

Consider a combination of wine and champagne bottles for the wedding. For example, you can have champagne for the toast, then serve white and red wines throughout the evening. 

You can also use the wedding season as a clue since some drinks are better for cool or hot seasons. And, of course, your budget should dictate your wedding bar menu. 



And that’s it! To recap what is a good champagne for a wedding, you can try sweet or dry sparkling wines, depending on how you’ll use them and the wedding budget. 

You should also know what your guests will prefer or consider serving champagne only for the toast. We hope this was helpful; let us know below what champagne is your favorite. 

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