What Kind Of Sofa For Small Living Room? 4 Ideas

If you are wondering what kind of sofa for small living room, we will discuss four ideas. First, you must know the ideal sofa size and shape; then, we will delve into the two best sofa types for small spaces. Finally, you will even know if sectional couches would be a great idea if you have a small room.

And before we go further, we recommend that you also learn how to float a sofa in the living room. Placing the furniture in the center helps make space look bigger, and you’ll utilize your living room more efficiently. Combine that technique with the information below, and you won’t notice your living room’s size limitation! 

what kind of sofa for small living room


How Do I Choose A Sofa For A Small Living Room?


Apartment-sized sofas

The first way to get the right sofa for your living room is to check its size. Do not rely on the furniture type only because even one model is labeled as a two-seater; another brand may have another two-seater couch but smaller. Start with, how long is a sofa?

Sofas come at a range of 70 to 100 inches, but the best sofa length for a small living room is anywhere from 73 to 75 inches long only. A typical sofa is usually around 84 inches, making your small space feel and look too tight. You can also opt for loveseats around 62 inches long if you don’t mind losing the number of seats. 


Low-profile sofas

The kind of sofa that will suit well in a small living room is a low-profile couch. Avoid models that are too bulky and detailed, especially on the arms and backs. Instead, you want a slim sofa that has a good space underneath the legs. 

If the space underneath the furniture shows, it helps make the area look spacious to the eyes. Furthermore, it would be better to get sofas with solid or neutral-colored upholstery than those with patterns, especially if you have various decorations around the room. This will help rest the eyes and prevent a messy look in the limited space available. 



Perhaps the best sofa to get in a small living room such as those living in apartments or open floor plans is the loveseat. From the name itself, this compact couch is designed to only seat two people. This creates better intimacy and also better space-saving if you have a small living room. 

If you want to secure extra seats for visitors, you can always add other accent chairs in the living room. You might even like decorating the floor with seat cushions. But by using a loveseat rather than a traditional three-seater or four-seater couch, you’ll get extra spaces for other furniture items. 


Sleeper sofas

If you have an open floor plan, you want to maximize the space as much as possible. One part of the area will be designated as the living room, while the other can become the kitchen or even the bedroom. You can save and utilize the space as efficiently as possible with a sleeper sofa or sofa bed. 

Those in small apartments can also benefit from these two-in-one furniture models because they only need to unfold or pull out the mattress mode of the couch. Then, you can hide the mattress or fold the sofa upright for it to become a couch during the day. Here are the most comfortable sofa beds if you’re interested.


Are Sectionals Good For Small Living Rooms?

Did you know that a sectional sofa would be fantastic for a small living room? Contrary to what you might assume, a sectional will be good even if you have limited space. Remember that there are various types of sectionals, and you can configure each piece accordingly. 

There are many ways to arrange a sectional sofa in a small room. You’re not limited to pushing it to the corner because this will make the area look more stuffed than it really is. Instead, use the sectional in the middle of the room to define each area. 


Which Sofa Color Is Best For A Small Living Room?

If you’re still undecided with what color sofa to get, keep in mind that you are placing it in a small living room. You want neutral colors like browns, beige, white, and grays of lighter shades for the limited space. This will create a lightweight look in the living room, and you won’t risk having the area look cluttered with other items. 

Don’t also forget to decorate the sofa with throw pillows. Even if you’re using neutral and light-colored upholstery, you can still make the area look interesting with throw pillows. Just remember to use the correct number of pillows on the couch to keep it from being crammed.



A small living room does not mean you won’t get the sofa of your dreams. To recap this interior decorating guide for what kind of sofa for small living room, you have four ideas to consider. First, opt for an apartment-size couch that is low-profile and consider loveseats or sofa beds to maximize the space you have. 

You can even use a sectional in a small living room! And finally, opt for neutral and light colors for the upholstery so space won’t look overly crowded. We hope these tips help!


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