What To Look For In A Sofa Bed? 4 Things To Check

If you’re unsure of what to look for in a sofa bed, we have created the best four-factor buying guide. You will know how to consider the size, frame, mattress, and mechanism when choosing a sofa bed. We will also talk about the different sofa bed types to familiarize you more with them. 

Speaking of sofa beds, a similar furniture piece to it is the futon. You might be interested in assembling a futon. It also folds and unfolds to become a place for sitting and sleeping, making it an excellent consideration if you want an alternative.

what to look for in a sofa bed


What Should I Look For When Buying A Sofa Bed?



When looking for a sofa bed, make sure that you are getting the correct size. This means that its dimensions fit the space where you’ll place it and complements the users. Also, check if the seat can accommodate the type and number of intended users and you feel comfortable lying on it when using the bed.

Nonetheless, the sofa bed is among the best sofas for a small living room. Just consider its placement when unfolded or when you take out the mattress portion. Furthermore, you want to feel comfortable and not cramped when sitting or lying on it. 



A crucial part of the sofa bed is the frame. What you want to look for is a well-built construction made from durable and long-lasting materials. Remember that you will also use the sofa bed for sleeping, so it should withstand the pressure and wear effectively. 

Look for models that use hardwood frames and avoid softwood materials. One of the best materials on a sofa bed frame is kiln-dried hardwood or even those that combine hardwood with furniture-grade plywood. Don’t forget that you also want the sofa to have no rough or sharp edges, so always check the craftsmanship of the frame.  



The typical sofa filling includes polyester, down, or even feather. Some cushions also use high-density foam. But because you are using the sofa bed for sleeping, it should provide the best support to keep your body in the ideal sleeping posture. 

Opt for a sofa bed that unfolds into a thick and firm mattress. Some also have a separate mattress where you can select between memory foam and innerspring. The former is preferable because of the durability and conformability, but you can also opt for innerspring as long as it has over 600 coils. 



There are different types of sofa beds, but the most traditional kind is the one that functions like a futon. You fold and unfold it to transform the furniture from a couch into a mattress. Therefore, the folding mechanism of the sofa bed you’re buying should always work smoothly and securely.

Check the mechanism if the parts are well-secured and don’t create any squeaking noise. You also want it to have a locking mechanism to keep the configurations secured. And finally, inspect if there are no parts that stick out or loosen. 


What Is The Best Type Of Sofa Bed?


Easy-open sofa beds

The most traditional type of sofa bed is the easy-open style. You only need to open the couch at the back to convert it into a bed from the name itself. It’s faster and more convenient than needing to remove the cushions. 

We have also written a guide on how to open a sofa bed if you want to understand their mechanisms further. So is the easy-open type the best sofa bed for you? Of course, it would be if you want a quick transition from couch to bed and you don’t mind a smaller-sized sleeping area.


Pull-out sofa beds

If you don’t want to compromise on the mattress size, the best sofa bed for you is the pull-out type. These sofa beds have a separate mattress hidden underneath. In some brands, they call this type of sofa bed the sleeper sofa. 

You only need to remove the top cushions, pull out the frame and the legs, unfold the bed, and finish the set-up. You will get the same size as a regular mattress, and you can even choose between innerspring and memory foam beds in some models. There are different variations with this sofa bed type, so it should be easy to find the specific mechanism that will be most convenient for you. 


Is There Such A Thing As A Comfortable Sofa Bed?

There are comfortable sofa beds because you can find them in an array of materials and construction. You want to get the ideal size for your living room and intended users to achieve a comfortable sleeping and sitting position. Furthermore, not all sofa beds have a separate mattress to pull out, so you must check the cushion materials since you will use them for sleeping. 

There are also techniques to make the sofa bed more comfortable. First, style the sofa configuration as you would a regular couch and make it cozier with blankets and pillows. And when you unfold it into a bed, you can add pads, covers, and more pillows for added support and comfort. 



And that’s the end of the buying guide! To recap what to look for in a sofa bed, you want to check the size, frame, mattress, and mechanism. The overall structure and mechanism of the furniture will affect its longevity and the comfort of the user.

You also want to decide which sofa bed type to get, whether it’s the easy-open or the pull-out type. Let us know in the comments which kind of sofa bed you’re getting. 


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