How To Arrange A Sectional Sofa In A Small Room

If you’re unsure how to arrange a sectional sofa in a small room, we have discovered the two best layout ideas. You can either use the couch to divide the space or take apart the sectional sofa and spread it throughout the room. We have also included a complete guide for arranging an L-shaped sectional, in particular. 

Overall, do not think that you need to let go of the sectional because you have a small room. Here are some helpful layouts to arrange the room like a pro:

How To Arrange A Sectional Sofa In A Small Room


How Do You Place A Sectional In A Small Room?


As a division

The size of the sectional sofa can work to your advantage even if you have a small room. Those who have an open floor plan, common to studio apartments, can use the sectional sofa to divide it into two sections. You can even have the sofa’s length by the door to create a makeshift walkway using its back.

Another tip for using the sectional sofa to divide the open space is to distinguish different zones. For example, have the couch in the middle of the room where it faces the TV. Then, you can create the dining area behind it by adding a small table and two chairs. 


In multiple pieces

One of the advantages of the sectional sofa over a traditional couch is you can separate it into multiple pieces. Sectional sofas typically come in two parts, but different styles can have more to accommodate various orientations. Assuming that you don’t have enough space for the sectional couch to fit against the wall in the room, try arranging it into sections. 

Have a pair parallel to each other or arrange the sectional as if you’re following a designing layout for multiple chairs. However, there are limitations with this type of arrangement since some sectional models are upholstered so that you can’t separate them. For these instances, try changing the orientation of the sectional instead. 


How Do You Arrange An L-shaped Sectional?

The best way to arrange an L-shaped sectional is by having it against a corner. This placement is also suitable for small rooms because you will still have enough space to walk around the sofa. In addition, you can have the sofa at a distance from the tv, window, or fireplace, depending on where you want to draw the attention of those sitting on the couch. 

The only consideration for having the sectional against the corner wall is that it shouldn’t block any paths or entrances of the room. Then, you can have other items accompany the sectional at the corner, so everything looks coordinated. The space in the front angle of the L-shaped sectional even makes the perfect place for tables and ottomans without taking more space in the room. 


Should You Put A Sectional In A Small Living Room?

You can put a sectional in a small living room contrary to the common assumption that it will be too bulky. The advantage of a sectional in a small living room is practicality. Instead of having multiple furniture pieces that can take up the already limited space, one sectional is enough to offer the seating area you’ll need. 

It might seem counterintuitive to add a sectional in a small living room versus opting for a two-seater couch. However, remember that the sectional allows alternating curves and angles. The resulting angles of the L-shaped sectional, for example, provides a space where you can have a table, and the room won’t feel too cramped up. 


How Do You Decorate A Living Room With A Sectional Couch?

The technique to decorate a living room with a sectional couch depends on the type of room and sectional. If you measure the sofa for the room, you can plan its placement better and know what other furniture types you can add. So how do you add furnishings to a sectional sofa?


Utilize the space in the sectional curve or angle

U-shaped and L-shaped sectionals offer a space in the angle where you can have a square or round coffee table in front of it. You can even add other chairs parallel and facing the couch to accommodate more people if you have guests. Another example of when you can add chairs opposite and facing the sectional is if it has a chaise. 


Consider functionality

For functionality, add side tables and ottomans that alternate as storage. You can use the side table to hold lamps and other furnishings to make the space more anchored. Otherwise, you can leave it bare so guests can have a place to put on drinks and other items. 


What Can I Put Behind A Sectional Couch?

The space behind the sectional couch can accommodate a sofa table. It shouldn’t be taller than the sectional itself, and you can use it to hold lamps, frames, and other decorations to harmonize the room. There are many ways to decorate the sofa table behind the couch that can work for the aesthetics and functionality of the room. 



Who says you can’t have a sectional if your room is small? This article discussed how to arrange a sectional sofa in a small room using two placements.  You can use it as a division or divide it into several pieces. 

L-shaped sectionals can even work at a corner so that you can use the resulting angular space for more furniture pieces. Did you get some inspiration from our tips? Let us know in the comments!


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