How To Mix And Match Pillows On A Sofa

There are two ways to learn how to mix and match pillows on a sofa. First, know the best color combinations, and second, the best pattern combinations of couch pillows. While there are no definite rules to follow when styling a sofa with pillows, we will teach you valuable tips. 

We will even talk about the ideal number of pillows on the sofa. Overall, you can always get inspiration from interior designers and magazines to familiarize yourself with styling throw pillows. And if you want to add a blanket, we have also written a guide on putting a throw on a sofa to get your couch dressed up. 

How To Mix And Match Pillows On A Sofa


How Do I Style My Couch Pillows?


  • How to mix colors of sofa pillows

It can be overwhelming to select what colors to use for the throw pillows on the sofa. Therefore, you can start with three colors to avoid ending up with a cluttered look. Working in odd numbers is the safest way to decorate pillows on the couch. 

What colors of pillows to mix and match? Inspect the existing shades and tones on the living room, including the decors close to the sofa. Then, plan the color schemes using a color wheel to determine what color combinations will look great together. 


  • How to mix patterns of sofa pillows

Besides the colors, you might also need to add some patterns and textures on the pillows you’ll mix and match on the couch. You can avoid ending up with a messy look by selecting one pattern as the primary one, and it might contain all the colors you chose that are drawn out from the room. Then, you can mix different pillows that will complement each other. 

For example, have one solid-colored pillow, one textured pillow, and one pillow with a pattern. The pillows shouldn’t compete with each other but instead, allow one to become the focal point. You can do this by allowing one sofa pillow to have the most oversized print and the other pillows to look more subtle and neutral. 


How Many Throw Pillows Should Be On A Couch?


Odd numbers

The key to mastering mixing pillows on a sofa is understanding how many pillows you must work with. The most common style is having an odd number of pillows like three or five on the sofa. Remember that working with odd numbers always creates a modern look, primarily when you only use a few small throw pillows. 


Even numbers

You don’t always have to follow the odd number rule in aesthetics. You can also mix and match pillows on the sofa that are in even numbers. An even number of couch pillows will allow you to achieve balance and symmetry. 

Those who have a big sofa can create an orderly style when working with groups of four in pillows. You can put two on each side or spread the pillows evenly throughout the sofa body. Familiarize yourself with what are throw pillows here to understand how to decorate with pillows while keeping functionality in mind. 


Should Pillows Match On Sofa?

There is no need to match the pillows on the sofa because you only have to follow your personal preference. Instead of keeping the word “matching” in mind, it’s better to go with coordinating pillows. The pillows should follow a particular color scheme already present in the room to ensure that they will look great together on the sofa. 

Sometimes, you can even get a pillow that is a direct contrast to the sofa’s color. Playing with contrast is an excellent way to enhance the look of the couch or room instead of ensuring that everything is the same color. You can even treat the sofa as a blank canvas or get neutral-colored pillows to help the couch stand out more.


How Do I Choose Sofa Throw Pillows?

Choosing sofa throw pillows is not limited to the colors and patterns. You also have to know what size and material are best for the couch, intended aesthetics, and usage. 


Consider the couch

Throw pillows also come in different sizes and not just the usual Euro pillows that are square. These pillows even come in different shapes that there are roll or bolster throw pillows. Therefore, you want to consider the sofa’s size to ensure that everything will fit nicely and won’t look cluttered. 

Generally, you must place the largest pillows on the side and have the smallest ones in the middle. Remember that you must still allocate enough space for the person going to sit on the sofa. 


Consider comfort

The texture and material of the throw pillows do not only affect their overall design. While it’s always more pleasing to the eye to use fluffy pillows on the sofa, they should also retain their shape well for use. You might want to use the pillow as back support or for lounging. 

For example, down and feather are excellent materials for the sofa because they are lightweight and durable. They will hold their structure well and feel pleasant to hold.



Throw pillows are always helpful for upgrading the look of the couch. To recap this guide on how to mix and match pillows on a sofa, you only need to master colors and patterns to create the best look. Furthermore, there is no definite winner between using odd or even numbers of pillows because it will depend on the couch and your personal preference.