How Long Is A Sofa? Complete Size Guide With Tips

Those who get curious about how long is a sofa can remember that it can be anywhere from 70 to 100 inches. Remember that there are different types of sofas, which means having a standard size is impossible. Our tip is to measure the couch yourself to get the accurate dimensions and avoid issues once the new furniture arrives at home. 

This article will also talk about the average length of other couches such as loveseats and sectionals. You should know how to select the right sofa size for your room by the end of this article. With that being said, let’s get right into the size guide.

How Long Is A Sofa


What Is The Average Length Of A Sofa?

There is no standard length to expect for a sofa because there are different types available. However, sofas can range from 70 to 100 inches long, with some even going over the maximum because they are designed to accommodate many people. A typical three-seater is typically 70 to 96 inches long, with 84 inches being the most common length. 


How long are loveseats?

Loveseats are designed to accommodate two people, which means they can only be as long as 72 inches maximum. The shortest can be around 48 inches, while the most common lengths for loveseats are from 52 to 66 inches. Like sofas, there are no standard dimensions for loveseats. 


How long are sectionals?

Sectional sofas will typically be longer than your traditional three-seater couch because of the various types and configurations they offer. It’s possible to find a sectional as long as 156 inches or as short as 94 inches. Do note that when taking the sectional length, you have to include the chaise or wedge as well. 

For more tips about taking the accurate dimensions of curved sofas, read this guide on measuring sectionals with a wedge


What is the longest sofa?

The longest sofa is by Mnogo Mebeli in Russia, and it was recorded on July 25, 2014. The furniture set the Guinness World Records for the longest sofa at 3,302 feet and 6 inches or a total of 1,006.61 meters. 


Are long sofas expensive?

Lengthy sofas can cost anywhere from $1,200 to $3,000 or more. You also have to consider the workmanship and material of the couch. 


How Long Is A Two Seater Couch?

A two-seater couch is usually 60 inches long, but some can reach up to 72 inches. This length should provide enough room for two people, and it’s an ideal size for most houses. A two-seater sofa can be used as the primary piece of a small living room or as a secondary seating area in larger spaces. 

What are some examples of two-seater sofas? Brands often label their models as loveseats or kissing chairs, and you can expect them to provide enough space for two people. However, a kissing chair looks like a combination of two armchairs facing opposite directions.


How long is a three-seater couch?

A three-seater couch is usually 84 inches long, but some can reach up to 96 inches. Do not be confused with seeing a sofa labeled as three-seater even if it only has two cushions. The dimensions should still be enough for three people.


How long is a sectional piece?

There is no exact length to expect in a sectional piece, but it’s typically around 36 inches. You will then multiply it by the number of seats the model has to get the sofa’s total length. However, be mindful of the sectional’s configuration, especially when positioning it in the room. 

While the total length of the sectional might seem incompatible with space’s length, you can take apart some sectionals to help lessen the overall length. Just remember to provide enough rectangular room for the curved portion. 


What Is A Comfortable Depth For A Sofa?

A good comfortable sofa depth ranges from 20 to 22 inches. You are aiming to ensure that your legs and back are relaxed when you sit on the couch. Furthermore, remember to consider your height and preferred sitting posture when selecting the sofa’s depth. 


How much legroom for a couch?

Allocate around 14 inches of legroom in front of your sofa when you’re planning its placement in the room. You need to have enough space to get in and out of the couch and also have your feet stretched out comfortably while sitting. And if you have an item in front of the sofa, such as an ottoman or coffee table, adjust the number to 18 inches to give you good legroom.  


Is It Better To Have A 2 Or 3 Cushion Sofa?

When deciding on what to get between a three-cushion or two-cushion couch, you have to remember the space you can allocate for it and how many people you expect to use it. Additionally, a sofa’s cushion number is not always correlated to the seats it can offer. A couch can have two seat cushions but still provides enough room for three people because the cushions are oversized. 



Sofas can be tricky to shop for because they come in different sizes. In this quick size guide, you have learned how long is a sofa and what you can expect in various types, such as loveseats and sectionals. But while you now know that the couch can be as long as 70 to 100 inches, you still need to measure the model and compare it to the space you have. 

And if you’re making a cover, please check this tutorial on measuring the sofa for slipcover to guarantee the best fit. 


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