What Color Sofa Should I Get? 6 Trendiest Options

The answer to the question of what color sofa should I get depends on personal preference and requirements. But to make it easier, considering there are so many colors to choose from, we have listed the top 6 colors for furniture. They are brown, gray, black, red, green, and blue. 

We also recommend reading this guide on how to choose a sofa color. You can use some tips to select from these colors and decide whether you’re better with a neutral or bold-colored couch.  With that being said, let’s go through each exciting color one by one. 

what color sofa should i get


What Color Sofa Should I Get For My Living Room?



Brown is the safest color to get for the sofa because it is neutral enough to complement various palettes and schemes.  Different colors that go with a brown sofa ranging from white to pink, so it should top your list if you’re new to decorating a living room. You shouldn’t also be overwhelmed when selecting a carpet that goes with a brown couch or what color cushions will compliment brown furniture because of the extensive options. 



It’s time to let go of the belief that gray furniture equates to a dull living room. In fact, a gray sofa is perfect furniture to create a contemporary space. To give you an idea of decorating with a gray couch, white and blue are among the colors to paint the living room with a gray sofa, and both neutral and bold shades make the perfect carpet for gray furniture



If you have children, pets, or guests often, then black is an ideal couch color for you. Spills and damages won’t show easily on the sofa compared to light-colored furniture. There are also many colors that go with a black sofa because of its versatility, so decorating will be a breeze. 



Do you want an eye-catching and chic living room? Then, it’s time to get out of your comfort zone and get a red sofa. If your living room is gray, beige, brown, or white, you shouldn’t have any worries because they are among the best color walls for a red couch



Earth tones create a social yet feel-good living room. And what’s the easiest way to achieve such ambiance? Opt for a green couch and decorate the rest of the space with various green, brown, white, and yellow shades. 



Visual appeal is not the sole purpose of the living room. It’s also a place for relaxation and socialization. One of the perfect colors for a cozy and welcoming space is blue, and you can use it for the focal point, like the room’s sofa. 


Which Color Is Best For Sofa?

It’s impossible to mention a specific color and label it as the best choice because preference and requirements vary for every homeowner. So instead, here are the two essential considerations to help you find the best sofa color.


Existing decor

If your living room is still not furnished, you have an easier time selecting a sofa color because you can use it as your inspiration for the rest of the area. However, you’ll do the opposite if your living room is already finished. You need to get a sofa color that will pair well with the existing colors and decorations. 

A helpful way to know what color will complement the living room is through the use of a color wheel. First, determine the room’s main color and find the color across it on the color wheel. You can also use the colors on each side of the complementary color to create a scheme for decorating the sofa. 



Consider your expectations for the sofa and the living room itself. For example, it’s more sensible to get dark-colored furniture if you have kids and pets in case they get the couch dirty. On the other hand, if the living room is always used for social events, you also want a color that won’t show signs of wear and stains. 

Another reason why lifestyle affects the color of your couch is that it’s also the room’s focal point. This bulky furniture can change the ambiance and setting of the space because of its size. Identify what emotions you want to achieve when being in the room or what you want to portray with this housing area. 


What Is The Most Popular Furniture Color?

For this year, the most popular color for furniture is anything that speaks neutral and natural. You will find that the trends in magazines involve green, gray, brown, and red. These colors remind you of nature, desserts, and sunsets. 

If you always want to have the trendiest sofa color, a helpful tip is to stick with timeless shades and tones. Do not be afraid of going with neutral-colored sofas because they can always match other colors. This way, you can change the majority of the decorations in the room or introduce the current color of the year without needing to get a new sofa color. 



And that’s it! If you are wondering what color sofa should I get, the best options are brown, gray, black, red, green, and blue. You can also select neutral colors like brown, black, and gray if you want a timeless furniture piece. 

Overall, there’s no right or wrong when selecting a couch color. Just remember to keep your existing decor and lifestyle in mind. 


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