How Many Throw Pillows On A Sofa? 2 Best Secrets

The answer on how many throw pillows on a sofa depends on the type and size of the sofa itself. This article will give you the secret formulas that designers use for decorating the couch with pillows. We will also discuss the considerations when styling a sofa with throw pillows. 

But before we start, have you thought what is a throw pillow? You must understand this pillow type first to help you decide which throw pillows are ideal for your couch. So give that a quick read, and this guide should make more sense. 


How Many Throw Pillows Should There Be On The Sofa?


Get the sofa length and subtract one

The number of throw pillows to have on the couch will depend on its size. But because it can be tricky to judge the amount, especially as a newbie decorator, you can measure the sofa itself and use it as a guide. Take the sofa’s length and subtract it by one to get the number of throw pillows to put on it. 

For example, a couch that is 6 feet long minus one will need five pillows. This formula is effective for visual appeal and functionality because you can ensure that there’s enough space to lounge on the couch. 


Keep the pillow number odd

Another rule to help you determine the number of pillows that will look good and work best with your couch is only to use odd numbers. Remember that arranging items in odd numbers are viewed as more appealing than using even numbers. In some furniture types like the sectional couch, most decorators will even mention that using the odd number seven is the optimal number of pillows.  

The odd number rule is also applicable to the subtracting one pillow trick, but you will make some adjustments. For example, a 9-foot sofa minus one leads to 8 throw pillows, so you will instead use the closest odd number, which is seven. If you have enough space, you can also switch the 8th accessory to a smaller sofa pillow or consider putting a throw blanket on the sofa and see if the style looks fitting to the rest of the room.


How Many Pillows Do I Need For A 3 Seat Couch?

One of the most common sofa sizes in homes is the three-seater couch. And with this furniture piece, you want anywhere from three to six pillows. This range is extensive because manufacturers can still differ with their model dimensions, despite being marketed as a three-seater sofa. 

A classic way to style a three-seater couch is to have three pillows distributed along its width. But if you want a symmetrical look, you can experiment with two throw pillows on each end. Finally, five pillows can be a great way to follow the odd number rule with decorating your three-seater couch. 


How many pillows do I need for a 2 seat couch?

The smaller or shorter two-seater sofa can use two to three throw pillows to have enough space for comfortable sitting. However, keep in mind that knowing what size throw pillows for a sofa is essentially more than the numbers themselves. If you’re using too small pillows, space will look unfinished, while using oversized throw pillows can make you feel too compressed when sitting. 


How Many Throw Pillows On A Sectional Sofa?

Arranging throw pillows on the sectional is easier than styling less bulkier couches like a loveseat. And while the number of pillows to use on a sectional depends on the sofa’s size and style, you can consider seven pillows as your guide. But how big should the throw pillows be on a sectional?

The most common square pillows for styling a sectional range from 16 by 16 inches to 24 by 24 inches. You can have them fill up each angle of the couch or only have the pillows at the longest arm of the classic L-shaped sectional. Ultimately, decorating the sectional with throw pillows depends on personal taste as long as you keep functionality and visual impact in mind.  


Can You Have Too Many Pillows On A Couch?

It’s possible to have too many pillows on the sofa, which is why using the subtracting and odd number techniques are essential. Not only does the area look cluttered, but you’ll also feel awkward using the couch that is overfilled with pillows. After all, the best way to sit on the sofa is never hunched because you’re adjusting yourself among the pillows. 



Decorating the couch with pillows is not as complicated as it seems. You begin by knowing how many throw pillows on a sofa will work best, and as this decorating guide revealed, you can use formulas and rules. For example, take the sofa’s length and subtract one pillow or have the throw pillows at an odd number. 

Note that there are no specific rules when it comes to interior decorating. It’s not a sin to deviate from the usual, but these tricks will help newbie stylists find their flow. We hope we inspired you to mix and match pillows on the sofa and feel free to leave us a comment if you have another way to decorate with them.


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