How To Plan A Micro Wedding In 4 Easy Steps

It’s easy to learn how to plan a micro wedding by simplifying it into four easy steps. We will give you a timeline and checklist to smoothly have a micro wedding without any hassle. 

Planning a micro wedding is even possible without a wedding planner. And if you’re short on time, try these tips on how to plan a wedding in 3 months!

how to plan a micro wedding


The Complete Guide On How To Plan A Micro Wedding For Beginners


Step 1. Know what you want according to your micro wedding cost

  • Set a micro wedding budget and stick to it
  • Consider your savings and decide how you can save enough until the wedding day if needed
  • Include the monetary gifts from friends and family if needed and set separate wedding savings to account to monitor your money for the wedding much easier
  • Talk with your partner regarding how you’ll spend the wedding budget for the micro wedding; micro weddings cost lower than bigger weddings; here is how to plan a wedding on a budget of $1000 if you’re interested in low-cost weddings
  • Make sure not to spend more than you can and list all the potential wedding expenses to organize your budget effectively
  • Imagine your dream micro wedding, type, and theme, then adjust it according to your set budget 
  • Decide on the wedding date


Step 2. Find the venue and wedding vendors for your micro wedding

  • Find a wedding venue that suits your budget but still can give you the type and theme of wedding you have in mind; do you want a religious or spiritual wedding? Is your theme rustic, romantic, or retro, for example
  • Some couples who have a micro wedding usually want a simple and lowkey ceremony and omit to have a separate reception, but instead, have an intimate dinner only
  • If you still want a particular reception celebration after the ceremony, find and book your venue after knowing your wedding date to avoid the hassle, especially if it’s peak wedding season
  • Find the venue for the ceremony and reception that is comfortable enough for a micro wedding, typically with only under 20 guests
  • Ask the venue manager regarding their packages to know the vendors you might need to book separately( e.g., wedding decorator, florist, caterer, DJ, MC)
  • Explain to the wedding vendors your expectations and clarify their prices to avoid miscommunications


Step 3. Secure the guest list

  • A micro wedding is so-called because it’s a small wedding with very few wedding guests, typically under 20 people only
  • Talk with your spouse regarding the headcount and who is invited; if needed, reach out to guests who haven’t replied yet to the wedding RSVP so that you can give the final number of guests to the wedding vendors
  • If you’re having issues with shortening the guest list because of family, here is how to have a small wedding with a big family
  • Consider alternative celebrations with extended family members and colleagues to maintain a small wedding
  • In case anyone asks, know how to say no plus-ones on the wedding invitation to avoid having a large number of guests; couples who opted for a micro wedding usually prefer an intimate celebration with the closest to them 


Step 4. Plan the event and micro wedding ideas

  • After finalizing the headcount and talking with the wedding vendors, you can plan how the micro wedding will flow
  • Depending on the type of wedding you have, you may need to follow traditions, or you can deduct some wedding elements; religious weddings must have specific practices, while modern or spiritual weddings are more customizable that you can shorten or remove some parts of the ceremony
  • A usual wedding, micro or not, is composed of: processional, introduction, union such as vow and ring exchange, kiss, closing remarks, and recessional
  • Have a meeting with your wedding officiant if needed 
  • As you get closer to the wedding, a month or two before the actual wedding date, check if the wedding elements, vendors, and venue are still good to go

Finally, don’t forget to have fun while planning the wedding! A micro wedding is already going to be less tedious than larger events.

You can also check how to plan a wedding without a wedding planner for more organizing tricks. 


What Is Included In A Micro Wedding?

  • 20 guests or lower with only the closest relatives and friends of the couple
  • Bridal party or only a best man and maid of honor to accompany the bride and groom at the front
  • A wedding officiant
  • A decorated venue for the ceremony and the couple can choose not to have a separate reception area; here’s what to do instead of a wedding reception
  • Wedding photographer
  • Catering

Some elements can be considered DIY, and vendors can be omitted since the wedding is even more intimate than a small one with 50 guests. 


How Do You Budget For A Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding typically costs under $2,000 if you have under 20 guests. However, it’s best to prepare a higher budget to ensure that you won’t feel limited with your dream wedding. 



And that’s it! You just learned how to plan a micro wedding in four steps!

Start with a set budget and stick to it, then you must secure the venue, vendors, and guest list. Finally, plan how the micro wedding will flow according to the type of ceremony and reception you want. 

We hope you achieve your dream wedding; browse our blog for more wedding preparation tips. 

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