How To Plan A Wedding In 3 Months: Step By Step

Couples who want to know how to plan a wedding in 3 months can successfully do so in 9 steps. This is a complete checklist with a timeline to help you get everything you’ll need within three months before the wedding day. 

A month wedding planning can be overwhelming, but it’s very doable. And if budget is the issue for you, we also wrote a guide on how to plan a wedding on a budget of $1000, so feel free to check that as well. 

how to plan a wedding in 3 months


How To Plan A Wedding In 3 Months: Complete Checklist Of What To Do


10 to 12 weeks before the wedding


  • Step 1. Set a wedding budget

Since you only have three months before the wedding, keep in mind that you’re limited with time for saving. So, sit down with your partner and discuss a set budget according to your savings.

However, you can still save up as you get closer to the wedding day since the payments and expenses won’t be given in one go. Here are some tips on paying for a wedding if you think you can afford to spend more. 


  • Step 2. Arrange the marriage requirements

Before setting and arranging the wedding elements, you must ensure that you won’t have any problems with all the requirements and legalities for getting married. For example, the legal documents required for marriage include the marriage license.

It would be best to talk with an ordained officiant to unite you and your partner legally as well. If you choose to have a friend officiate your wedding, speak to them regarding their duties, including filing the marriage certificate after the ceremony to validate your marriage. 


  • Step 3. Secure a wedding date

After you have the budget and legalities, you can secure the date for your wedding. There are helpful tips on how to pick a wedding date, but remember that you only have three months. 

What’s left to do is decide between a weekday or a weekend, and, of course, the general time of the wedding, whether you want it in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Likely, bookings for the wedding venues and vendors are already full, so you’ll probably have your wedding Monday through Thursday on a weeknight to have your guests attend. 


  • Step 4. Get a venue

Once you’ve secured your wedding time, you can begin looking at wedding venues. This will take up most of your budget, so choose the wedding site accordingly. 

After picking a venue, discuss all the inclusions in the package with them to know what you need to arrange with the wedding vendors later on. You must also know the rules of using the venue to prepare for the wedding accordingly.


  • Step 5. Send then save the dates

You also want to make and send the save the dates for the wedding since you have a short period before the actual wedding date. This will help guests make the arrangements they’ll need for travel or potential accommodation. 

However, since you only have three months before the wedding, it would be unfair to want your guests to attend an event that would require them to travel significantly. Regardless, please read how to address wedding save the dates correctly. 


8 to 10 weeks before the wedding


  • Step 6. Plan for the wedding attire

Two months before the wedding, you must secure your wedding attire for a three-month wedding planning period. It might need to be altered, or you and your partner might’ve gotten a custom-made dress or suit. 

It would help if you also talked to the wedding party regarding their wedding outfits. Remember that it takes time for the tailor to have your wedding attire ready for the wedding. 


6 to 8 weeks before the wedding


  • Step 7. Book the wedding vendors 

You must find the wedding vendors eight weeks before the wedding, then book them to avoid hassle on the wedding day. However, it can be hard on such short notice so you might need multi-tasking vendors specializing in these types of weddings. 

You can also check if you can DIY some wedding elements. Here’s how to cater your own wedding, for example. 


Step 8. Send the wedding invitations

Begin sending the wedding invites 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding. The invites will be more detailed to help the guests prepare. 

You can also secure how many and who will attend the guest list. Furthermore, this time is ideal for registering and updating your wedding website for the guests who’ll give wedding gifts.


3 to 5 weeks before the wedding


  • Step 9. Finalize everything for the wedding

You don’t want the one to two weeks before the wedding to be stressful. It should just be left for checking the wedding outfits and other minor preparations. 

So at three to five weeks before the wedding, secure everything with the vendors. Finalize the vows, confirm the requirements, and create a wedding day timeline. 



And that’s it! We just learned how to plan a wedding in 3 months in 9 easy steps. 

We hope the timeline we provided will help you get everything arranged, so you’ll feel relaxed as the wedding day gets closer. Feel free to browse our blog for specific wedding guides as well. 

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