How To Plan A Wedding Without A Wedding Planner

If you’re looking for how to plan a wedding without a wedding planner, simplify the tasks into three steps. This guide will cover everything you’ll need to have a smooth flow of the wedding program and let you in the functions of a wedding planner. 

And for the duties after the wedding, you may want to read about who cleans up after a wedding. Usually, the wedding planner will know who to hire for this role because the newlyweds can’t clean after the wedding. 


How To Plan A Wedding If You’re Not Hiring A Wedding Planner


Step 1. Search for a venue 

  • Since you’ll have no wedding planner to source venue locations for the wedding ceremony and reception, you’ll be the one researching and visiting prospective sites for your wedding
  • A valuable tip to minimize the stress is to create a list of well-established venues for the wedding because they specialize in such events; they might even provide the caterer and decorator for the location, so that’s one less task on your part
  • Before you begin searching, please discuss with your partner what you envision your wedding location should look like; don’t forget to set a wedding budget and never go over it to avoid compensating for the other parts of the wedding 
  • Once you have picked a venue, clarify with the management the inclusions; will you need to hire a caterer, bring your drinks, or hire a separate wedding decorator, for example
  • You must also check in with the wedding venue if they have different types of equipment, be it rental chairs and tables or music equipment
  • Read the venue’s contract regarding the usage of the place and how you must leave it to avoid potential extra fees 


Step 2. Decide on the food and drinks

  • If the catering is not part of the wedding venue, you need to find the appropriate vendor to provide the food and drinks at the wedding
  • On the other hand, some wedding venues require their clients to use their restaurant and bar, and bringing other vendors is prohibited
  • Ask family and friends if they can refer a wedding caterer to you
  • Search about the various vendors in social media and assess the reviews regarding the quality of their service
  • It would help if you found a catering manager that you can discuss your desired wedding menu with according to your budget and number of guests
  • Don’t forget to include the logistics of the food and drinks to the wedding location when planning this part of the wedding
  • Clarify with the caterer the fees and tips for the package, including those for the servers and clean up after the event

Will you be bringing your own alcoholic drinks to the wedding venue? Please read what is a corkage fee as some places impose this cost. 


Step 3. Search for reputable wedding vendors

  • The wedding planner is responsible for referring you to a reputable vendor network and coordinating with suppliers; since you won’t have a planner, you’ll be the one picking the wedding vendors 
  • Here are the wedding vendors you’ll typically need to run a wedding: stationer, jeweler, favor supplier, rentals for equipment, lighting professionals, wedding photographer, videographer, wedding hair and makeup stylists, tailors, florist, wedding cake baker, wedding MC, wedding DJ, and transportation company
  • If you hired a wedding decorator, they might be the one sourcing the lighting company, florist, and rentals for the chairs, tables, and other things around the venue
  • Your caterer might also refer you to a bakery that specializes in wedding cake
  • Confirm the bill for each vendor, the inclusions in their packages, and expectations on both sides to avoid miscommunications
  • Some of the roles of these wedding vendors can be done in a DIY manner, especially if it’s a small wedding or if you’re tight on the budget; however, consider the time and effort you’ll exert and assess if it’ll be worth the hassle
  • For example, maybe you can be your own wedding stationer, favor supplier, decorator, makeup artist, florist, MC, DJ, or even the baker for your wedding cake; just make sure that you can handle the responsibilities and pressure
  • And while the officiant is not considered a wedding vendor, it is at this point of the planning process you must search for one and have them ordained if they aren’t; read what is a celebrant wedding to know about different types of officiants and who you’ll need to have a legal wedding   


Is It Really Helpful To Hire A Wedding Planner For Wedding?

The wedding planner is responsible for planning and coordinating everything you’ll need for the wedding. They are professionals in the wedding industry with contacts to reputable venues and vendors. 

Therefore, it’s better to hire one unless you are willing to search for everything yourself. Of course, it’s possible to have a wedding without a planner, but you’ll exert time and effort to ensure that you’ll have the wedding of your dreams. 



And that’s it! We’ve talked about how to plan a wedding without a wedding planner by starting with the venue, catering, and then looking for the wedding vendors. 

We hope this gave you an idea if having a wedding planner is worth it and decide if you can do the wedding planning yourself. Let us know what you think below. 

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