How To Say No Plus Ones On Wedding Invitation

We will discuss how to say no plus ones on wedding invitation as you don’t want to accidentally offend some guests. This article will include different announcement wordings to notify and have your guests understand the no plus one policy. 

We also recommend that you read how early is too early for wedding invitations because there is also etiquette in mailing these cards. So we hope you can apply the wordings that’ll be discussed here before you send them out. 

how to say no plus ones on wedding invitation


How To Say No Plus Ones On Wedding Invitation Without Offending Guests

The most straightforward but tasteful way to tell your guests that there should be no plus ones on the wedding invitation is to only write that specific guest’s name on the invitation envelope. Then, most people will understand that you are only inviting them, and they can’t assume that they can bring their plus one. 

However, this approach might still be misunderstood by some guests. You might also end up needing a separate discussion once that guest calls you if they can bring a plus one. 

You can immediately mention your desire for no plus one by putting a line on the RSVP card. In this line, say that you’ve only reserved one seat in their honor, so the guest can understand that you’re only inviting them. 


How do you say no to a plus one on the wedding invitation?

You can also try these wordings and write them on the wedding invitation or RSVP card:

  • We cannot allow extra guests due to our budget restrictions
  • Please restrict the attendee to that listed on the wedding invitation
  • We are looking forward to having an intimate wedding with those who are genuinely close to us; we hope you understand that we won’t allow our guests to bring anyone we did not invite

You can also reassure your guests that you will seat them with people they know. Some couples might also plan to have another celebration to separate with more people.

The guests should understand that you are restricted with resources or want a small wedding. You can also ask your friends and family to spread the word and have someone the guests can ask if they’re planning to bring a plus one. 

There will be no misunderstandings this way, and you won’t risk offending anyone. So do not worry, and don’t feel pressured to conform, even if other people convince you to hold a bigger wedding to accommodate their extra guests. 


How Do You Say No When Someone Asks For A Plus One?


Be firm but not aggressive

While you can clarify that you don’t expect a plus one in the wedding invitation, it might be inevitable to discuss with other guests. Some might approach you and ask for a plus one, so you should know what to say without sounding too aggressive. 

The right words should be firm, but not in a way that you sound rude or you’re overlooking certain people to be part of your wedding. Don’t be confrontational, but stick to your boundaries.


Stick to your boundaries

If you allow a guest or two to bring a plus one, you risk having other people who can’t do so feel like you have favorites. But what if a guest insists and writes a plus one on their RSVP card without even asking you?

Do not be afraid to call them and explain how you can’t accommodate an extra guest. Explain your reason and clarify that this applies to all the guests. 

However, relationships and people are complex. Therefore, use your best judgment when considering to approve the plus ones of some guests. 


How Do You Explain No Children At A Wedding?

Besides having no plus ones at the wedding, some couples prefer an adults-only wedding. Do not worry if you also want no children at your wedding, but you should still know the etiquette for wording this desire, so your guests understand you. 

Try these alternative ways to say “no children at the wedding” in your wedding invitation or RSVP card:

  • Please note that this is an adults-only celebration
  • We request no children at the reception 
  • Please join us for an adult-only celebration
  • Unfortunately, this celebration cannot accommodate children
  • Due to limitations, the celebration is for adults only

You can also mention that the venue’s theme is more appropriate for adults only. You can sound more sincere if you say that you would love to have their kids, but the restrictions of the venue or budget mean you can only have an adult-only celebration. 

A helpful tip to ensure that your guest won’t read your request with ill will is to pen it in a more personalized manner. For example, you can mention the name of their children, and you would’ve loved to have them there if it weren’t for the restrictions. 

If you have a big extended family, you can benefit from reading how to have a small wedding with a big family to approach potential confrontations. 



And that’s it! We hope you learned how to say no plus ones on wedding invitation tastefully and that you can also handle talks if there will be any. 

The key is being straightforward in the invites and RSVP cards. And if you’re ever asked, stick to your boundaries. 

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