How To Plan A Destination Wedding On A Small Budget

If you want to know how to plan a destination wedding on a small budget, simplify the entire process into four steps. Then, refer to the tips in each step to ensure that you’ll still get the wedding destination of your dreams even at a low price. 

We will also delve into the etiquette of guests and their contribution to destination weddings. And if you haven’t made the invites yet, here is what to include in a destination wedding invitation

how to plan a destination wedding on a small budget


How To Plan A Destination Wedding On A Small Budget


Step 1. Set budget for the destination wedding

  • Before anything else, set a destination wedding budget with your partner and never go over it
  • You can consider your savings, the time you can allocate to add more to your wedding funds, and if you’re collecting monetary gifts to afford the wedding
  • Start with the list of wedding essentials such as the paperwork and legalities, the travel and accommodation expenses, venue and reception, officiant, pre-wedding expenses, decors, catering, and wedding attire
  • Identify the priciest wedding elements and discuss with your partner if they are worth it; know how to compromise and adjust according to the budget you’ve set
  • Eliminate the unnecessary expenses so your destination wedding budget won’t exceed your financial capacity 
  • The average cost of a destination wedding is over $30,000, but it’s possible to have a cheap destination wedding for under $10,000 realistically; refer to how much does a beach wedding costs, for example


Step 2. Be realistic when choosing a destination

  • The most significant portion of all destination wedding budgets is the location since we all know what is considered a destination wedding
  • But because you’re limited with the budget, you have to be realistic when picking a wedding destination to ensure that you’ll still get your dream wedding
  • You don’t need to fly to another location as it’s still a destination wedding as long as you have the event out of your hometown; the further you are, the pricier the wedding will be
  • Keep the travel and accommodation expenses in mind since they’ll add to the total expenses for the destination wedding; couples with a small budget will have to talk to their guests that they will not be covering their expenses
  • However, if you’re having a very intimate wedding, you can treat your closest family and friends, especially with some hotels and resorts that offer all-inclusive packages


Step 3. Plan the destination wedding during the non-peak season

  • Couples who desire a destination wedding on a tight budget should be aware of when is wedding peak season
  • Any wedding venue will be much pricier during the peak wedding season, so consider having your wedding in a month that isn’t known for weddings; you may even score discounts since the venue might want to boost their sales during the off-season
  • To make sure that you’ll get the destination wedding location, book in advance; last-minute bookings will also cost more 
  • By securing the wedding location and date, you can also plan your savings and add more to your wedding budget 


Step 4. Select the best destination wedding package

  • After you’ve picked a realistic location according to your wedding budget, you can browse the venues in that area
  • Compare different packages and keep an open mind to trying cheap wedding packages; just check the inclusions to avoid any misunderstandings before the wedding
  • At this point, you can also check for travel and accommodation deals, especially if you’re paying for your guests’ expenses; for example, hotels offer good discounts if you block rooms for the wedding 
  • Consider a wedding package that also includes the catering, decors, DJ, and other wedding elements as it might cost you less 


What Is A Good Budget For A Destination Wedding?

You’ll find most references recommending a budget of $30,000 for a destination wedding. However, it’s also possible for couples who only have $5,000 to $10,000 to get a destination wedding still. 


If your budget is 5k

Depending on the distance between your hometown and the wedding location, never going over $5,000 for a destination wedding is possible. This will even include the airfare and hotel, especially if you won’t sponsor the guests.

Find a simple wedding venue for the ceremony and opt for a classy but short wedding. Then, instead of a reception, take your guests out for dinner to save on costs. 

You will also save more if you get crafty and do your wedding invitations and favors.


If your budget is 10k

If you want to maximize your wedding budget and you want a destination wedding that is not too simple, prepare about $10,000. Then, find a hotel or resort in your chosen location to acquire an all-inclusive wedding package. 

Some places will even provide a free wedding package for their guests. The inclusions for such package typically include the marriage documents, cocktail reception, cake, and even decors.

The key is being on the lookout for deals, especially during the off-season. And, of course, aim to have under ten guests. 



And that’s it! To recap how to plan a destination wedding on a small budget, set and stick to your budget, find a suitable location, book during the off-season, and find a wedding package. 

Furthermore, communicate your capacity with your guests and have a small wedding. You can even omit the reception for something intimate like a dinner. 

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