How Much Does A Beach Wedding Cost: Expenses Breakdown

Those wondering how much does a beach wedding cost can prepare a starting price of $200, but also know that it can reach $50,000 or higher as well. This article will go through the average costs of a beach wedding, whether it’s a local or destination wedding.

We’ll also guide you on what to expect with beach wedding packages and compare the expenses if you decide to have a DIY beach wedding. That being said, you can check how to plan a beach wedding after this article. 

how much does a beach wedding cost


How Much Does A Beach Wedding Cost + How To Plan An Affordable One


DIY beach wedding

The lowest prices for a beach wedding are those under $1,000. These types of beach weddings are DIY and done at a local public beach compared to destination beach weddings where you’ll need over $1,000 for your wedding budget. 

A DIY beach wedding can cost up to $2,000 or even more if you intend to have an extravagant ceremony. Understand that having many guests will also increase the total expenses for the wedding. 

To save on money, find a public beach near you and ask the city regarding the permit for using it for a wedding. Typically, it will be free or around $25 to over $100, and some might require extra fees if you have an arch or chairs. 

If you’re in Los Angeles, here is some information for an LA County beach wedding permit


Average ceremony package

If you find that planning your beach wedding is too tasking, consider a wedding company that will coordinate the event or ceremony for you. Depending on the package inclusions, a commercial package beach wedding cost is around $800 to $5,000 and up. 

It’s even possible to find a package under $500 if you have few guests and only need a brief ceremony. Otherwise, it can reach $2,000 higher if the package has chairs, an arbor, an aisle, bridal flowers, and other typical inclusions in a wedding package. 

If you can only afford a basic package, you must know the wedding vendor checklist. Then, you can find the vendors and those that fit your budget. 


Resort beach wedding package

The most expensive beach wedding package is typically offered in resorts and hotels. So, if you’re having a destination beach wedding, chances are you contacted a hotel in that country to avail yourself of a package. 

A resort beach wedding can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000. However, it’s also possible to get a free wedding or freebies in the ceremony if you stay at the hotel resort for a certain number of days. 

Regardless, some couples choose this type of beach wedding because you don’t need to worry about the decors, reception, food, and other wedding elements. It also eliminates the need to book accommodations in a separate location. 


Extra costs and factors that affect a beach wedding budget

  • Number of guests
  • Type of wedding
  • Event extravagance
  • Reception
  • Invites and save the dates
  • Travel
  • Accommodation
  • Wedding planner
  • Officiant fee
  • Marriage license
  • Beach license
  • Wedding attire
  • Food and drinks
  • Decors 
  • Wedding photographer
  • Wedding DJ
  • Tent rentals if needed for the weather


Is A Beach Wedding Cheaper?

A beach wedding is cheaper than a traditional wedding held at a hall or other rentable venues because some local public beaches offer permits for free. Therefore, the only expenses you’ll cover are the rentals, officiant fee, legalities for the wedding, decors, outfits, and reception. 

Note that you may need to pay a nominal fee to some beaches, and you’ll need to have the reception elsewhere. Furthermore, weekend beach weddings might also cost higher and expect that you can only have the ceremony for 2 hours only, depending on the beach. 

However, if you’re having a big wedding or it’s a destination beach wedding at a prestigious resort, then a beach wedding will cost higher than a typical wedding. For comparison, read how much a backyard wedding costs as it’s ideal for couples with a limited budget. 


Can You Legally Get Married On The Beach?

Like other outdoor weddings, getting married on the beach is legal as long as you accomplish the necessary paperwork and fees for the marriage itself and the permit for using the beach for your wedding ceremony. 

You don’t need to worry about permits and paperwork if you select a wedding package from a resort, but if you’re having a DIY beach wedding in a public place, you’ll need to ensure that you’re following the ordinances in that area.

Check the local government for the permits, requirements, and restrictions on that public beach. Then, follow the rules, which may include:

  • A certain number of guests are only allowed
  • Only a specific spot and size in the beach is allowed for the event
  • The wedding area can’t be enclosed
  • Noises should be minimal
  • Clean-up should be handled after
  • Permits needed for the wedding vendors
  • Liability insurance


How Do You Have A Small Wedding On The Beach?

  1. Secure the marriage license and officiant
  2. Plan the wedding theme, colors, and details
  3. Minimize the guest list
  4. Opt for a semi-casual dress code
  5. Check the permit and requirements for the beach
  6. Have the reception elsewhere



Was this a helpful read? To recap how much does a beach wedding cost, the cheapest is under $500 for a DIY wedding, followed by around $5,000 for a package up to $50,000 if you’re having a destination beach wedding. 

We hope our tips help; let us know below which type of wedding you want. 

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