When Is Peak Wedding Season Vs Off Season?

The answer to when is peak wedding season is the months of spring and fall. We will discuss the peak wedding seasons in more detail below and help you decide between getting married in popular months or during the off-season would be more practical. 

But speaking of choosing the season for weddings, we recommend that you read our separate guide on how to pick a wedding date. Securing the schedule for your wedding should be done first during wedding planning to prepare more efficiently. 

when is peak wedding season


When Is Peak Wedding Season And Popular Wedding Months?


Spring season

Spring, particularly May up to fall, is the peak wedding season. This isn’t surprising because the climate is comfortable, especially for scenic outdoor weddings. 

The conditions won’t be too hot or too cold, and the flowers are in bloom, ideal for a wedding. So a tip if you want a spring wedding without worrying about venue and vendor availability, do it during March. 

Or, if you’re eyeing a wedding date during April and May, book the vendors and venue early on. Just be prepared for higher fees because of the higher demand for wedding needs. 


Fall season

Another popular season to get married is during the fall months. Fall is an expensive season to get married because early fall is famous nowadays for weddings. 

What makes fall a peak wedding season is the climate, especially if you prefer a cooler wedding ceremony. But because it’s also not yet winter, it wouldn’t feel too dry for an outdoor wedding. 

So how can you save on wedding expenses if you want a fall wedding? Before the fall season starts, you’ll get a better chance of scoring deals and discounts from different wedding venues and vendors. 


What Is The Busiest Month For Weddings?

The busiest time for weddings is during the peak months of late spring and early fall. That being said, peak wedding months are May, September, and October. 



Spring is perfect for romantic weddings because the most colorful flowers are in season, especially if you want a garden wedding. However, a wedding in May will also mean you have to book vendors early as they’ll be in high demand. 

Some would also mention that June and August are famous for summer weddings, especially beach weddings. However, April and May tend to get busier as the weather is more forgivable. 


September and October

Then, the peak wedding months are around September and October for fall weddings. The weather during this period is perfect because it’s not too humid or dry. 

However, be mindful of where you’ll hold your wedding, especially if you want a destination wedding on the East Coast during September because of the hurricane risk. And with October weddings, on the other hand, the only potential setback is the higher prices, especially with venues since it’s the most popular month to get married. 

Read what to wear to a fall outdoor wedding to guide your guests if you booked during this coveted peak wedding season. 


What Is Peak Wedding Season?

The peak wedding season refers to the months of the year that are busiest for weddings. As a result, the prices for wedding needs are higher, and booking vendors and venues can be challenging because of the demand. 

The peak wedding months vary from year to year and also the places where the wedding will be held. Of course, beach destinations have summer as their peak wedding season, while fall is the peak wedding season in some states. 

But in general, most couples prefer spring and fall for their wedding because of the comfortable weather. Don’t let this thought limit you because even the winter months can be ideal for weddings with proper planning.


What Is The Least Popular Wedding Month?

The least popular months to get married are December, January, and February. March is also thought to be off-season for weddings, but couples are already starting their planning for the popular spring months. 

Why is it off-season for weddings from December to March? It can be because of the holidays when people would instead celebrate them first before the wedding. 

Some guests might also be unable to attend if the wedding is during busy months for personal vacations and family gatherings. Finally, another reason is the winter season, when it can be too cold for an outdoor ceremony that is becoming more popular than indoor weddings.


What Is The Best Season To Get Married?

Popular wedding months are famous for a reason, and it’s worth being extra proactive if it means securing vendors and venues even during the peak wedding season. However, this doesn’t mean that the summer and winter months are not the best seasons to get married. 

The summer season is still fantastic for your wedding date, especially for a destination wedding in the tropics. The advantage of getting married during the winter months, on the other hand, is the cheaper packages and deals that vendors and venues offer as wedding off-season. 

Furthermore, winter weddings can be as beautiful as colorful spring or fall weddings since white is the traditional wedding color anyway. 



And that’s it! To recap when is peak wedding season, it is during late spring to early fall.

The busiest months for weddings are May, September, and October, so book your venue and vendors early if you have your wedding during these peak wedding months. We hope this was helpful for your planning; let us know what you think is the best wedding month. 

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