How To Make A Wedding Album: Best Creative Tips

You can learn how to make a wedding album in two easy steps. This tutorial will share tips on each step for creating the best-looking photo album that you’ll want to show everyone. 

You’ll find out how to choose the photos and themes, which are often what overwhelm those who want a DIY wedding album. And if you have extra wedding pictures, you can refer to how to display wedding photos

how to make a wedding album


How To Design A Wedding Album


Step 1. Identify what photos to put on the wedding album

  • An immersive wedding album will show everything from the preparation to the reception
  • Classify your wedding photos so the album will have an orderly timeline
  • Start with the pictures when you and your partner are getting ready separately; you can also include your pictures with the wedding party where the bride is having fun with her bridesmaids and the groom with his groomsmen
  • Don’t forget to include pictures of you and your family, especially when preparing for the ceremony; the photographer might have candid shots where you’re hugging your parents or laughing with your siblings 
  • Another sweet moment worthy of a place in the wedding photo album is the first look; if some pictures are serious while others are wacky, put them on separate pages 
  • You can arrange the ceremony photos in the album according to the order they happened during your wedding
  • Make sure to include candid snapshots of guests in the wedding reception part of the wedding album
  • Write a short dedication on the dances and speeches, especially if some notable moments or quotes happened in them 
  • Finish the wedding album with your wedding exit and write each other a message 

Read how long it takes to get your wedding photos back to know a realistic timeline. Remember to be patient, but know when to follow up with your wedding photographer. 


Step 2. Decide on the theme and design for the wedding album book

  • After selecting the photos and their placement for the wedding album, decide on the theme and design of your album book
  • Each photo may also be edited a certain way, or it’s conveying a specific emotion, so keep this in mind when choosing the theme for their page
  • While the pages don’t have to be exact copies of each other, the wedding album itself should have a cohesive look; it can be a color palette on the entire book 
  • An easy way to design a wedding album is by selecting an online photo album maker because there are readily available templates and themes to choose from; however, it can feel more sentimental to treat this as a craft project with your spouse
  • When visiting the craft store, you should already know the theme of the wedding album; you don’t have to be specific, but at least know the decors, colors, and textures for it 
  • Finally, don’t overlook the cover of the wedding album; do you want a coffee table wedding album, hardcover book-style, leather book, softcover album, for example 


How Many Pictures Should Be In A Wedding Album?

The number of pictures you’ll need for a wedding album will depend on the thickness of the album. Check the pages that the printing service offers or if you’re making the album yourself, consider the number of pictures per page and how you’ll arrange them. 

One page can have anywhere from two to five wedding photos. And if you’re getting a 20-page wedding album, you can expect it to have about 60 pictures. 

Note that you don’t need to include all the wedding pictures. Instead, select the notable moments of the special day or consult the photographer if you’re availing of the wedding album from their package


What Pictures Go In Wedding Album?

Whether you’re doing the wedding album yourself or you’re availing an album from another service, you need to know which pictures you want for the album out of the hundreds taken at the wedding. If you’re overwhelmed with choosing the pictures to have for the wedding photo book, here is the list of the best photos to include: 

  • Wedding details like decors, accessories, stationery, and even each part of the bride and groom’s outfits
  • The preparation of the bride and groom
  • Wedding first look
  • Bride walking down the aisle
  • Ring exchange
  • First kiss
  • Wedding reception shots
  • Wedding party portraits
  • Family portraits
  • Candid pictures
  • Speeches
  • Dances
  • Wedding cake
  • Couple’s portrait as newlyweds
  • Wedding exit 

If you did DIY wedding photography, learn how to edit wedding photos


How Much Does It Cost To Have A Wedding Album Made?


Professional wedding albums

Your wedding photographer might include the wedding album in the package you selected, and it wouldn’t cost over $500. But if you want a high-quality wedding album, then expect that it can get as high as $1,000 and over. 


DIY wedding albums

Not including the expenses for editing and printing the photos, a DIY wedding album made from craft supplies would not go over $100. But of course, you want a classy wedding album to showcase your best wedding moments, so invest in quality materials. 



Was this tutorial easy? To recap how to make a wedding album, you must select and arrange the photos accordingly, then decide on a single theme. 

Each page can have as many as five pictures but group them accordingly. But overall, do not cheapen out your wedding album because it’s a physical memento of the iconic parts of your special day. 

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