What Is Considered A Destination Wedding

If you’re unsure what is considered a destination wedding, we’ll talk about the distance and other factors that can make a traditional wedding a destination wedding. We will also compare the two to help you determine your type and use the appropriate term for it. 

Speaking of destination weddings, you might have the guests send their gifts to you and not bring them to the location. This will be more convenient, so when you receive the gifts, you can read about when do you open wedding gifts.

what is considered a destination wedding


What Exactly Is A Destination Wedding?

A destination wedding doesn’t immediately mean that the guests will take a long plane ride. However, even a car ride of more than two hours from one location to another can be considered a destination wedding. 

By default, it’s easy to assume that a wedding can only be called a destination wedding if it’s on top of a mountain or even on a tropical island. But, sometimes, we’ll only call a wedding a destination wedding if it requires going out of the state or flying to another country. 

However, as long as the guests drive more than two hours to your wedding, it can be considered a destination wedding. This is also because it’s likely that they’ll need to get overnight accommodation, especially when the wedding is done in the morning or the reception finishes late in the evening. 


How long do guests stay at a destination wedding?

Typically, the guests will need overnight accommodation to attend a destination wedding. However, if it is very far, it’s only fitting to be there for a couple of days. 

You and your guests will have some time to get familiar with the new location and even sight-see. In addition, you can plan various wedding activities throughout the week before the big day. 

Some guests may even stay longer and plan their vacation while they’re at that new destination. With these possibilities, who pays for the hotel rooms of the wedding guests?

Please read our separate discussion for the etiquette since it might be costly for some couples to pay for all the accommodations. 


What Distance Is Considered A Destination Wedding?

If your wedding is held at least a hundred miles away from your hometown, then you can consider it a destination wedding. Another way to measure is if the guests will travel more than two hours or need an accommodation to attend the wedding more comfortably. 

Some people also consider a destination wedding if you’ll have the guests for an entire weekend or even for a couple of days. This usually takes advantage of the new place and treats it as a mini-vacation. 

For this instance, the couple usually has a welcome party with the wedding the next day and a brunch on the last day. You can also insert various activities related to the area with your close friends and family. 


What Is The Difference Between A Normal Wedding And A Destination Wedding?

The event’s location is the main difference between a typical wedding and a destination wedding. In an average wedding, you’ll hold it in your hometown or any venue that is a maximum of one to two hours away for the guests. 

On the other hand, a destination wedding will require the guests to travel more than two hours. You and your guests will also spend a couple of days in the location and treat it as a vacation. 

This means that destination weddings will be more expensive to do than a typical wedding. However, you can always plan your budget efficiently if you have one. 


Do Guests Pay For Destination Weddings?

When you’re invited to a destination wedding, don’t expect everything to be free. You’re most likely to be paying for your transportation and accommodation expenses. 

However, some couples might cover certain costs for their close friends and family. You can know more about who pays for a destination wedding to understand what to expect. 

As the ones getting married, please cover the ceremony and reception costs. Remember that you invited these guests to your event, and it would be tacky to have them pay for their meals or venue. 


What Are The Rules For A Destination Wedding?

  1. Provide an informative wedding invitation and include a wedding website with helpful information for guests, such as travel and accommodation 
  2. Clarify the expenses that the guests must cover for themselves
  3. Be open to the idea that some guests might be unable to come if they have financial constraints
  4. Be open to the idea that some guests may give a lower amount or even no gifts at all
  5. Send the save the dates nine months before the wedding so the guest can plan accordingly



And that’s it! We just discussed what is considered a destination wedding, where it should be at least a hundred miles away from your hometown. 

You and your guests will also spend a day or even more in the location, similar to a mini trip. However, it’s best to discuss the expenses to avoid miscommunications.

We hope this helped you decide if a destination wedding is for you. Leave us a question if you have any. 

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