How To Finish A Blanket: 3 Easy Methods For Beginners

how to finish a blanket

After you’ve made your blanket, you don’t want to leave its edges undone, right? To help you with this, here are the three easy ways on how to finish a blanket. With those crafty hands of yours, you can definitely make those edges look slick!   How To Finish A Blanket?   Method #1. Sewing … Read more

How To Make A Dog Blanket? Best Complete Tutorial

How To Make A Dog Blanket

If you want to learn how to make a dog blanket, you only need four steps to give your furry pal something warm to snuggle with. This step-by-step guide uses quilted fabric to create the coziest blanket for your dog and other blanket-loving pets. But if you don’t want to sew, we also have a … Read more

How To Knit A Zig Zag Blanket: 3 Easy Home DIY Methods

how to knit a zig zag blanket

Here, we will tackle three ways on how to knit a zig zag blanket. Winter is a popular time to make blankets of different patterns, which you wouldn’t want to miss. Knitting zig zag blankets are like knitting stripes with top points and bottom points. They may look complicated at first glance, but they’re not! … Read more