When Is It Safe To Cover Baby With Blanket: 7 Basic Tips

Knowing when is it safe to cover baby with blanket is very important for parents. Waiting for them to become old enough for such comfortable things can prevent sudden infant death syndrome.

Pillows, comforters, sheets, quilts, and beddings are a few of the many gifts parents receive from baby showers. Although these are the cutest gifts that your baby can receive, they are also quite dangerous for your newborn.


when is it safe to cover baby with blanket

What Is SIDS?

Many parents may think that covering their baby with a blanket at night can help them feel more comfortable, but this is actually what makes them vulnerable to suffocation. Putting your baby to sleep while laying on their stomach may also lead to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

This syndrome is known as the sudden death of a healthy baby. Although the cause of this syndrome is unknown, many researchers conclude that this might be associated with problems that affect your baby’s airway.


Keeping Your Baby Warm At Night


1. Preheat their crib

Instead of covering your baby in a blanket when it’s too cold in your house, you may use a bottle of hot water or a heating pad and place it over your baby’s crib for 30 minutes before putting them to sleep.


2. Cover their hands and head

Your baby may lose heat faster through their hands and head. Due to this, it is advisable to have a pair of mittens and socks near their crib to prevent them from losing more heat as the night goes by.


3. Firm mattress

Mattresses made from soft materials may not only risk your baby getting sick because of the passage of cold air through the bed, but they may also be at risk of hazards that may pierce through it. Using a firm mattress may prevent your baby from the said risks.


4. Wind sources

Place your baby’s crib away from wind sources such as windows, air vents, and fans. Always close doors and windows to prevent the entrance of cold air.


5. Swaddle

If the weather gets too cold for your baby, you may swaddle them using thick blankets. Sleeping bags can also do the trick if your baby kicks his way out of the blanket. It lets them sleep comfortably and prevents air from reaching their hands and feet.


6. Set the temperature right

Being too hot or too cold won’t do any good for your newborn, so make sure that the temperature in their room is just right. Your baby’s room should be between 18 to 20 degrees Celsius to be considered a comfortable room where your newborn will sleep.


7. Dress them right

During winter, dressing your baby in easy-to-put and removable layers is more advisable than overloading them with heavy clothes. Warm clothes that are thinly layered can keep them warm and make sure they are easy to remove during diaper changes.


When to let your baby sleep with a blanket

Letting your baby sleep with a blanket should be around one year of their age, where they start to get attached to specific blankets. Also, your baby will be able to push away objects that may affect their breathing when they reach the age of one.

It is advisable for parents like you to let them sleep in their crib for the first few months without any soft objects around them. You must also check if their bedding is firm or loose, as this may wrap around them when they rollover.

You may give your babies the stuffed toys and more oversized blankets that they received as gifts at the age of one or more. Your toddlers will be at the stage where they find their ‘blankies’ and ‘teddies’ and will be able to sleep without letting these suffocate them.


Safe sleeping tips


Baby-proof their room

Be prepared when your baby starts climbing out of their crib. By baby-proofing their room, you don’t need to worry that they’ll hurt themselves if they do climb out of their cribs.


Lower their crib mattress

When your baby learns how to stand by pulling themselves up, lower their crib mattress. Reducing the height of their bed will lessen their fall height if they get tempted to climb up and jump down from their crib.


Place their crib in your bedroom

Put your baby’s crib in your bedroom for the first whole year to prevent you from worrying too much. Don’t share a bed with your baby, and do not put pillows and blankets in their bassinet or crib.



As your baby’s parents, keep them comfortable even if there aren’t any pillows and blankets from the first 12 months of their life. Knowing when is it safe to cover baby with blanket will keep you from worrying.

Blankets may look comfortable, and covering your newborn with one may sound tempting, but they are very dangerous to them. Know whether the things you’ll be adding to your baby’s crib are safe or not, and always consider your baby’s mobility.

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how to style a throw blanket in your bedroom

How To Style A Throw Blanket In Your Bedroom? 8 Best Styling Tips!

If you want to be warm and cozy when sleeping, you need to know how to style a throw blanket in your bedroom.

But more than that, knowing this can improve the appearance of your room.

That is because a throw pillow can also be used to accentuate the room as it adds warmth, color, and texture to the room.

With that being said, keep reading until the end of this post to discover the numerous styling tips.


What Is A Throw Blanket?

Before we proceed to the styling tips, let us first get to know more about throw blankets.

Well, it is a type of cloth that is decorative and is mainly used in making a room even cozier.

With you can be kept warm when you sleep.

This is also a blanket, the only difference between the two is their size.

Generally, throw blankets are thinner and smaller as compared to the real ones.

Furthermore, blankets are primarily utilized in bed only.

Throws, on the other hand, are used as a decoration for the lounge, bedroom, or any other part of the house.

Typically, they come in unique, fun, and colorful colors.

They are made from different materials such as faux fur, wool, cotton, and polyester.


Ways To Style A Throw Blanket In Your Bedroom

I don’t want to keep you waiting.

Now here are the ways on how to style a throw blanket in your bedroom:


Method #1. Showing Both Of Its Sides

You can add depth and interest to your room by creating layers using throw blankets.

For instance, you can layer multiple throws to display varying textures.

But you might as well use a single throw and just fold it.

You might as well purchase a reversible throw blanket and display both of its sides.


Method #2. Draping it over the headboard

The best way to style the throw blanket is by draping it over the headboard.

Through this, anyone entering the room will see it right away.

This will revive your old headboard.

Then, complement with decorative pillows to achieve a better look.


Method #3. Placing the throw pillow at the edge of the bed

You can also put the throws at the foot of the bed.

Among all other methods in the list, this one is the easiest to do which is why a lot are using it.

All you need to do is to fold the blanket and lay it at the edge of the bed.

Ensure that it is centered so that it will not look sloppy.


Method #4. Trying the diagonal fold

You can achieve a homey and effortless look by folding the throws diagonally.

Get the throw blanket and then fold it into thirds or half.

After that, you have to drape it on the corners of the bed.

This method will offer an asymmetrical look that both pleasing and inviting for the eyes.

Only minimal effort is needed, yet you can make your room eye-catchy.


Method #5. Adding layers

You can make the blanket appear bigger with this method.

Begin by placing a blanket as a base.

Preferably, the blanket is neutral textured or colored so that the print and color of the throw blanket will pop out more.

Drape the throw blanket over the bed blanket.

To ensure that you can achieve a cohesive look, choose blankets in the shades but of varying textures.


Method #6. Corner throw

This kind of style is suited to different aesthetics and interior design.

No matter what kind of design scheme you have in your room, it will complement it for sure.

Just fold the blanket lengthwise. Then, do another fold in half.

After that, place the throw blanket at the corner of the bed.

Remember not to fold the throw blanket too smooth and straight as it will tend to look just like any ordinary blanket.

It would be good to mess it a bit so that the look will be even pleasing.


Method #7. Faux fur throw must not be folded

Believe it or not, this type of blanket is better left not touched.


Method #8. Fully lay the throw blanket on the bed

In general, throw blankets are tinier than the bed.

In case there is an old throw that you cannot get rid of, you can still make good use of it.

This can be used as a cloth poster or tapestry.

In other words, you can use this in spicing up your old and small blanket and then lay it over the bed.

Make sure to place the throw blanket in the middle and allow the symmetry to offer a calming vibe to your room.


It’s A Wrap!

You can surely enjoy the versatility of throw blankets for as long as you know how to style a throw blanket in your bedroom.

Aside from spicing up the décor of your room, this is very useful in keeping you cozy no matter the weather.

It can provide added comfort as you watch TV or read your favorite book.

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