When Can A Toddler Sleep With A Blanket: Basic Parental Guide

If you’re a new parent, you might be wondering when can a toddler sleep with a blanket. Toddlers can sleep with a blanket once they reach the age of one, but they are only allowed to have small blankets. These blankets may serve as their companion while they sleep because toddlers start to be imaginative and may get distracted.

Getting a toddler to sleep might be challenging, especially when there can be distractions. This can make them move a lot while laying down and may suffocate if given a big blanket to sleep in.


Can Toddlers Suffocate Under A Blanket?

Children from the age of one tend to roll over while sleeping. They can also move blankets and pillows away from their face.

Toddlers may still be at risk from different hazards even if they are a bit older than babies. They still need supervision when introduced to blankets and pillows.

The key to avoiding the said risks is to refrain from overcrowding your toddler’s crib or bed. Give them space to move around while sleeping to prevent suffocation.

The safety guidelines that you followed for your newborn are different from your toddler’s safe sleeping guidelines. However, it is still essential to be concerned about their safety instead of focusing on their comfort.

Toddlers do not need pillows unless they have transitioned to their bed. For toddlers that still sleep in cribs, it is advisable to keep their cribs empty.


Where should toddlers sleep?

Toddlers who just reached the age of one or even those at the age of two should continue to sleep in a secure crib. You may give light blankets and small stuffed toys to them for company.

Avoid putting items in their crib with strings that may coil around your toddler’s body part, especially their neck. Check your toddler’s toys for small objects that they may swallow accidentally.

For toddlers that are climbers, maintain their crib in the lowest setting. If they still keep on climbing, consider putting them in their toddler bed with railings for support.

When your toddler starts to walk, put a gate in their doorway to keep them safe from tumbling down the stairs. Check their room and avoid putting too many toys as your toddler may use them as steps.


When can toddlers use a blanket?

Consider your child’s development before giving them pillows and blankets. Your child should be at least 18 months old and have the ability to move objects away from their face.

For toddlers still sleeping in cribs, make sure that you put only small items in them. This action ensures that they wouldn’t use them as steps and risk injury if they climb and fall from their crib.

Toddlers may have a hard time sleeping if their crib or bed has too many toys in it. Avoid making their sleep area look like their play area.

For toddlers that are 12 months old, it is best to monitor them and look for signs that they might be having a hard time sleeping with blankets. When they get to 18 months, you should not have any problems letting them sleep with a blanket.


Toddler years

Your child should be at least 35 inches in height before you move them to their bed. If they are yet to reach this height, you may still let them sleep in their crib.

Do not place their beds beside a wall. Toddlers tend to roll over when they sleep and may get pinned in the space between their bed and division, which can cause suffocation.

Heavy bed blankets contribute to this kind of situation as well. These coverings may block your toddler’s breathing passageway.


Safe sleeping guide for toddlers


1. Comfortability

Toddlers can sleep in any position they want as long as they are comfortable. You do not need to put them to sleep while lying on their back. Let them find a sleeping position that is comfortable for them.


2. Protection

Keeping your toddler’s crib in its lowest setting will make it hard for them to climb out. Avoiding too many toys in their crib will also prevent them from stacking them and using them as steps.


3. Creating a safe space

Your toddler should sleep in a place where there are no hazards. Do not put objects with strings, avoid hanging picture frames above their crib, and putting big blankets and pillows. Keep their crib away from windows, curtains, electrical cords, and blind pulls.


4. Transitioning

Move your toddler to their toddler bed when they reach the height of 35 inches. You may also consider moving them when they reach the age of three. Some toddlers don’t want to move to a bed even if they are 2 or 3 years old, and that’s fine.



As your toddler gets older, they no longer have risks for SIDS. A lot of the safe sleeping guides for babies would no longer apply to them. Even if that’s the case, you still need to know when can a toddler sleep with a blanket.

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