How To Knit A Baby Blanket On A Round Loom: 10 Easy Steps

To give your precious babies, extra warmth here is how to knit a baby blanket on a round loom — made easy just for you!

It is always heartwarming to be wrapped inside a knitted blanket, especially with handmade ones.

how to knit a baby blanket on a round loom

Just do the following steps, and you will be able to create something as warm as your hugs.


Easiest Step-By-Step Guide On How To Knit A Baby Blanket On A Round Loom


  • Step #1.  To start your craft, create a slipknot and place it on the first peg of your loom.


  • Step #2. After doing the knot, wrap all the succeeding pegs of your loom. Once you reach the end, start working backward until you get the last peg.


  • Step #3. Once all pegs are wrapped, start doing the quick garter stitch. It is a knit and purl combination on each peg at the same time.


You have now created your first row.


  • Step #4. Do the same thing you did on the previous step and create four more rows. After all the purling and knitting, you have now finished a total of 5 rows.
  • Step #5. Afterward, count five pegs to the right and place a mark after that 5th peg.


You can use a marker, even nail polish, or just anything that marks visibly and can be removed.

Proceed to the left side and mark after the 5th peg as well.


  • Step #6. When marks are made, you have to do the knitting again. Knit all the pegs following a counter-clockwise pattern.

Do a U-wrap on the first peg and E-wrap the succeeding pegs.


  • Step #7. Going in the opposite direction, purl the first five pegs of your loom—right before your mark, stop purling. After your mark, knit the next pegs.

When you reach the second mark, stop knitting. Instead, purl the last five pegs.


  • Step #8. The next thing you need to do is knit all the pegs again and repeat step #7.

Knit again and do the previous step continuously until you reach your desired length.


  • Step #9. Once you achieved the perfect length, E-wrap all the pegs. Afterward, do five rows of quick garter stitch again, following what you did in the beginning.


  • Step #10. After finishing five rows, prepare to cast off. To start, knit the first two pegs, U-wrap, then E-wrap. Now move the second peg to the first and knit.


Move the new loop to the next peg. Then, E-wrap the next peg and bring the new loop back to the previous peg.

Continue doing this until you reach the last peg of your round loom.

Remember not to pull yarn when making a loop—you don’t want the cast-off to be so tight.

Reaching the last peg, move the new loop to the next peg and do knitting for the last time.

Cut the yarn, and you are now ready to remove your blanket off the loom. Pull the remaining yarn into a loop.

For the finishing touch, weave in the excess yarn using your crochet hook.


In case your blanket gets curvy.

If curves start to appear on your blanket, it may be because of the foundation. You might have created it too tightly than the other rows.

To avoid this, you have to make sure to apply equal pressure to the row.  It is best for knits, purls, and wraps not to be too tight or too loose.

The right amount of pressure and tension is the key!


How to stop yarn from shedding

After all the hard work, you wouldn’t want your knitted blanket just to shred, right? So with that, we’ll teach you how you can combat shredding yarn.

When you use a washable yarn, you can wash it after you have finished knitting.

Usually, knitted blankets require handwashing with a gentle detergent and air-drying for 10 to 15 minutes.


If you’re wondering how much yarn you will need

Take note that you are making a blanket for your sweet little one, so you won’t need a whole box of yarn to do it, although you will need quite a lot.

If you want a lightweight blanket, you will need approximately 1,100 yards of yarn. For a bulky weight, it will require you about 900 yards.

Aside from the weight, it is also essential to consider what type of yarn is best to use.

Different types differ in softness and thickness, so make sure to choose wisely for your baby.

Of course, the safest one is the best, right?



Congratulations! You have now learned how to knit a baby blanket on a round loom.

With just the right amount of effort and care, you can give your baby a knitted blanket that will provide them warmth at night.

It may not be something as warm and affectionate as your hugs, but having something soft to wrap them to sleep is sure worth all the hard work.